{not.so.recent.work} Another Chic Biz Card!

6th Aug 2012

Time check: 8:43pm

I finally have time to sit on my not-so comfortable chair after hours of house-cleaning, mopping, laundry..and cleaning after the mess my pooch did. Gah, his toys are everywhere and so are the lints from his toy-rope. That dog just couldn’t keep still. Just yesterday, he was trying to bit off some stuff from the printer! I cannot imagine he jumps over the tv stands – that would be a disaster!!

But then again, I love him. It. That dog. He’s so entertaining that when I’m having a really bad day, he’ll come over to me, begging me to play fetch with him – well, more like tug of war. That definitely brings laughter!

On another note, I wanna show you a work I did not-so-recently for a client. Another makeup artist! Looks like I keep getting requests from makeup artists for a chic business card. Times sure are changing, huh? =D

I really like the design myself. Vintage-y and chic (twas a request from the client herself). Too bad I forgot to ask her for a card to keep! Maybe I should get my brother to get it from her, since it’s more convenient for her to pass it to him than to mail it over to me.

I hope you like it too!

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