Happy 12.12.12

12th Dec 2012

Everyone’s saying it, so here I am, saying it too.

HAPPY 12.12.12

The next time I say “HAPPY 12.12.12” – I will be.. probably in heaven. No more working late at nights, searching business cards online design for a client who insists on meeting me to present him a simple business cards template and all that stuff. lol.

So what’s so special about this date? Everyone seems to be talking about it on Facebook. A cousin once told me that getting married on a double number like that doesn’t sound nice – it resembles ‘double’ – like, getting married AGAIN. For the 2nd time, next time. Ha ha ha! Well, that’s what she said. If you ask me, I think the number’s really nice – only that I did not do anything special on this beautiful date. Worked my butt off trying to get all my orders complete despite the terrible stomachache I have. And oh, I also took a nap in the evening because of the stomachache. Now here I am, posting this on my blog while listening to Christmas songs on online radio, trying to relax my mind even tho I am starting to get REALLY annoyed with my dog who keeps coming to me, rubbing his paw on my leg asking for gawd knows what! I gave him a bone. I gave him fresh water. I tried talking to him.. and he still does that!!!

…He’s doing it again right now!

Okay, I really gotta stop typing and give my dog some attention.


Oh by the way, I baked some Christmas cookies last night.


…with some edible glitters too! Yay! :D

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