I miss my lil Violin

14th Dec 2012

You probably have known this (or may not).. that I actually have a violin. I got it a few years back when I thought I’d make a very good violinist for my family gatherings like Christmas, for example. I mean, most of the people in my family circle plays musical instrument. Piano, keyboard, guitar, ukelele, drum, bass … also, I can say that we are ALL good singers. (By all, I mean me included. Bahahhhaahh!) Did you also know that a nephew of mine made it to the finals of Twisties Bingit and got runner-up playing bass for his group? They would’ve won if only their vocalist did NOT forget his lyrics. lol. And mind you, his bass guitar alone cost almost RM10k! Like I said, I am just a good singer. Not a bassist. :P

Now let’s get back to my violin. See if I can find an old picture of it…

Found it!

Sad to say, that pretty little violin sits comfortably at my brother’s condo back in KL right now and not with me – because when I moved back to Sabah, I had wayyyyyy too many things to carry… so that poor little baby had to stay. :( I probably will go get her next year when I come visiting KL again for the purpose of shopping getting some important stuff.

One day, baby. One day. We will be together again and I will master my “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on you and we will show the World what a great combination we make. You and me – we’ll rock the World!


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3 thoughts on “I miss my lil Violin

  1. kaDusMama

    oh…just mau kestau…the anti spam word after my comment kan ‘DUNGOT’ HAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    Cindy said: Ko memang bertuah la dapat ‘dungot’ ni hari. Ha ha ha ha!!! Bah, tunggu aku expert dulu then aku ambik video kasi post ko tinguk. lol


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