Aaaaaaah, FREAK OUT

13th Mar 2013

The good news is, I’ve been taking decently good care of myself lately. I ditched 80% of my daily sugar intake, eat less rice & wheat and I started to prepare meals at home. Yes, ME – in the kitchen. COOKING MEALS. I couldn’t believe it myself, since I am not that good when it comes to cooking. But who cares, it saves money and I get to cook healthy meal… and I’ve also started to workout a little bit. In fact, I was supposed to go to the park tonight for a jog but the rain decided to fall from 1PM till late.

The bad news is, I get STRESSED out. I feel like a stay-at-home-mother who has to juggle between my job (my freelance job) and the chores at home. There’s always the floor to vacuum or mop, the bathroom tiles seem to get dirty in a blink of an eye and my dog – oh god, the dog. He just loves messing the house around! Let’s not even talk about the laundry!

So when I feel like de-stressing myself, I’d drag my poor fiance to Burger King and stuff my face with a double blackpepper beef burger.


In fact, I had Burger King last Sunday. I had it last night. Right now, I am hatching another plan to drag my fiance to Burger King again. I know, I know, it messes up with my healthy diet – but I work hardddddddd. I did a lot of design work. I mopped the floor yesterday when the weather’s so hot, I could die of heat stroke. So yeah, I’ll eat as much burgers I want and promise to burn them off the day after.

And if it’s not too much, I would like to show off another design work I did quite recently. A sticker design for Ratu Syura on her wedding day. :)


I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted it on my blog, kan? Sudah kah? Belum bah, kan? *hee*

So, yeah. I just posted my design work. Now off I go to get my blackpepper beef burger!!!

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