Kenangan Terindah

17th May 2013

Samson’s song ‘Kenangan Terindah’ is one of the song that could make me emotional.. This song reminds me of the days at my old working place. I miss my old colleagues. I miss the friendship. I miss the old life. I miss my old me. :( Of all the places I’ve worked, THAT was THE BEST colleagues I have ever had! We talk, we laugh and we cry all together. Ha ha ha.. cheesy, huh? But it was awesome. And it was them who introduced me to Indonesian song. As my fiance like to call it, “macam suara ada selipar dalam mulut” – which I think is true LOL – but admittedly, the songs are awesome!

Like Samson’s Kenangan Terindah!

My colleagues and I used to sing this song over Karaoke and had so much fun with it. Makes me wanna enroll in a guitar-playing class so I could strum guitar and sing this song. *hee*

Maybe I should do that. That.. and my violin lesson. lol

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