Cindy, the violin player (ha!)

25th Jun 2013

So I finally got my violin back! Thanks to my brother who carried it with him all the way from KL, into the plane, out of the plane and to my apartment. So, yay! I can finally practice and enhance my violin playing again. Currently trying to perfect my “Silent Night” so I can perform in front of my gawking family come Christmas. *hee*

Speaking of violin, Bunny actually broke the E-string when I asked him to help me fine tune the strings. Humm.. it’s probably due to the fact that the string’s old. It’s still the same string since I got the violin like… er.. many years ago? (can’t remember exactly WHEN). And according to Bunny, old string breaks easily. I don’t know if he’s saying that to save his skin (lol), but oh well.. at least now my violin got a set of brand new strings. All 4 strings!

And oh, if you’re around KK area and plays violin too (and is on a tight budget, like me).. you can get good quality violin strings from my friend’s store. (OK, he’s actually Bunny’s friend. But any friends of Bunny’s also my friend lah.. he he) His store is called VMIS Music Store. They have a Facebook Page too! So if you’re looking for musical accessories or instruments, you can get them from VMIS Music Store. Just tell them that Cindy (Jaya punya fiancee) sent you there. Guarantee can get good price. (I think lah. Ha ha)

By the way, this is the violin string that I’m currently using. Will be changing to D’Addario string when I’ve mastered my “Silent Night”! Ha ha ha


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4 thoughts on “Cindy, the violin player (ha!)

  1. Strong Arms

    Cool, you play the violin. Ko tau, my grandpa inherited his violin to me before his passing away. I still have the violin back in KK but never really knew how to play it. I know how to play the guitar a bit, but it’s different from violin. I dunno how to hold the stick properly lol.

    I plan to learn it someday so I can finally play it.

    Anyway, Happy Tuesday, Cindy!

  2. Aemy

    first of all, the security word is funny. tingau is cat, right? haha.
    i salute anyone who plays piano & violin. i salute u! it’s so cool to have the talents. would like to watch & listen to ur play someday. :)
    btw, your blog is really nice. u made it yourself? i wonder if u make designs for blog background & layout. :)

    1. cindy Post author

      Hi Aemy,

      Yes, “tingau” means cat. He he he… Well, as for the violin, I am still in the process of learning. *hee* But once I’ve mastered the violin, I’ll shamelessly post a video on my blog. :P

      Yes, made this blog myself. And Yes, I do make blog design and layout and backgrounds and other graphic design stuff as well. You can check out my works from my Facebook Page (at the top right of this blog) or from my “Recent Work” under the Categories. :)


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