Oh, the joy of online shopping

5th Jul 2013

The past couple months have been filled with a great many things! We rescued a stray puppy, a visit from an old friend in Australia, an early birthday gift surprise from my mother, new projects from faithful clients .. and a few online shoppings!

One of the few things I got online was this:


A cute pink cotton scarf adorned with tiny little cute felt clouds. Perfect for the cold night-outs when I’m out watching movies with my loved ones. To be honest, working from home has given me nothing but so much joy: being able to work in my mini studio, surrounded by people I love – and my pets too!

Oh how wonderfully true this is:

“There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God, for apart from Him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?” —Ecclesiastes 2:24-25

To top it off, I can shop from the comfort of my home anytime I want, without having to go through the hot sun outside or having to get dressed properly. I can have my messy, unruly hair and pimple on my nose for all I care and still shop without having anyone staring at me.

Yes, that’s the beauty of online shopping. That said, I am planning on getting a red dress for myself tonight. For this, I’m going to get them from Zalora Malaysia. They have wide variety of glamorous dresses to choose from! I know this because I’ve bought a gold-colored shoes recently from them and I’m totally in love with it – almost got myself a dress as well, but I was already out of budget then. Now that I have a reason to buy a dress (my brother’s getting married and their wedding theme is RED), I will get myself a red dress tonight by hook or by crook. :-)

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8 thoughts on “Oh, the joy of online shopping

  1. Arms

    At least kasi tinguk la macamna rupa dia time ko pakai. Haha jk.

    Online shopping is great. But some cards need verifications from phones. I’m in between countries so sometimes, for example, the TAC code for Maybank can be a problem hehe. They send me a message in my Msia number but I’m not using it here in SG. Sia nda kasi on roaming.

    Anyways… happy Friday tomorrow, Cindy!

    1. cindy Post author

      How to show if the scarf belum sampai lagi? Just got it online.. might take a couple of weeks to sampai. He heeeee…

      Ya bah, siok kan online shopping? I get really excited whenever I see the notice in my mail. As for the payment, I’ve NEVER purchased anything with my credit card yet, so there’s no problem with card verification and stuff. I pay with the money in my PayPal. :D (Itu pun, bila ada duit sana then only can shop) :(

    1. cindy Post author

      Hi Aemy. Yes! Online shopping is so much fun and the thrills of getting the package is like THE BEST feelings ever – well, one of the best feelings lah. He he

      Me also on the “tunggu gaji” most of the time. Tunggu gaji masuk PayPal that is. :D


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