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The advertising power in me! Hehe.

when the lights go off

16th Sep 2016

Was at the clinic late last night with some friends to get some medical replenishments. on our way there, we walked past a group of teenagers, dancing and moving to the beat coming out of their music box. i could hear some beat of drums too, but i’m not sure if it was a drum dial kind of thing. and then i saw their leader, a yound lad, who was instructing them on their next move. it touched me so much seeing their enthusiasm and commitment to dance and rehearse, even in the dark. (it was a mini stage setup for public, but none of the lights were lit up) it’s good to see that our teenagers still appreciate dancing in the dark. lol

Donate to SPCA, KK

8th Aug 2012

This is taken from the official Facebook Page of SPCA, KK ( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals):

We are always in need of donations, especially in terms of pet food and kitty litter. We also need cash donations for the medical and other expenses of the animals. For example:-

RM5 – To feed one dog for a day with a well-balanced diet
RM20 – to feed 20 starving animals (1 meal)
RM90 – Heartworm and flea treatment for one animal
RM150 Vaccinations and blood test for one rescued animal
RM150 Neutering / spaying for one animal
RM250 Sponsor one abused / neglected animals total basic needs and rehabilitation in preparation for possible adoption

So if you have extra money that you’ve been using to buy stuff off eBay, etsy,, Lelong, Low Yatt Forum, Malaysian Babes Forum – or maybe extra money used for unnecessary extra mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks, makeup brushes, tampons, Rebif, guitar picks etc… then why not give some to the animals who need them most?

A lot of money I do not have, but I am finding a way to send them something useful. Maybe send some shampoos, dog/cat food, rice or toys. Whatever it is I’m sending, I’m hoping that I somehow could help lessen the burden of SPCA, KK in providing a shelter and hope for the cats & dogs.

If you’re interested in donating, why not pay a visit to their >>> Facebook Page <<< ? I'm sure they'll be more than happy to hear from you! And if you're wondering why I am such a big fan of animals, especially when it comes to dog? Well, he's one of the reason:


A font a day, keeps the boredom at bay

5th Jul 2012

If you are still using Times New Roman as your default font for emails, MS Office Word, website, blog, letters.. pleeeeeease. It’s 2012 and you should change to a better looking font! :D

May I suggest, Droid Serif?

It looks almost similar to Times New Roman (if you’re not willing to part with it, yet) only prettier/handsome’r. (is that even a word? well, it is now!)

Take a look:

Nice, ey?

In fact, the fonts you see in the posts I made (in this blog) are of Droid Serif’s! Tell you what, go do yourself and everyone else a favor (by sparing them the misery of having to ‘see’ more of Times New Roman by DOWNLOADING the Droid Serif font.

And oh, did I mention that it’s FREE too? Well.. it’s FREE! :D

PS: In no way am I saying that Times New Roman fonts are ugly. They’re just..well, we just need a fresh breath of air. :P

Another Work Project: Cards

11th Dec 2010

Here’s an additional sample to what I’ve been working on lately:
(Click to enlarge)

Wedding cards for the soon to be bride and bridegroom.

I’ve actually submitted the sample to another website that offers services and infos about anything related to weddings – They provide info for services such as bridal makeup, photography, food catering, flowers etc. Which got me into thinking of getting help from a business website builder company to help me build an official business website for my freelance works. That would be an awesome idea, ya?

A professional-built business website could probably bring in more customers to my sites, since I do not have the expertise of building a website, especially those with flashy flash thingy. I’m no pro coder and builder, I’m just a graphic designer. :-P To achieve a great looking website, I’m gonna need people who actually eat and sleep building websites. :-)

Well hmmm.. this should go into my consideration box.

A case of a bad Photoshop’ing

23rd Nov 2010

I wish we have Sephora in Malaysia. I also wish that Sephora ships international so I could get my hands on their Eyeshadow Premier and Naked makeup palette! But Mimi informed me that works are in progress at Starhill Gallery for the grand opening of Sephora – in Malaysia. YAY!

And since I do not have to buy online for Urban Decay products anymore, I went surfing the Net for face ampoules – which brought me into a blog of a lady who runs an online business selling makeup and beauty product. What caught my attention was not the items she sold, but the images she used for a certain local Malaysian company (I think it’s a Malaysian company from their URL?) that sells beauty product.

Look at the model in the posters:
(Click to enlarge)

One does not need the use of Nikon binoculars to tell that it was Mena Suvari’s head they used on top of the model’s body!

AND, is that even legal to use a celebrity’s face to promote your items? I can bet that Mena Suvari did NOT endorse their products, judging from her photos…

But anyway, my point here is, this is a bad Photoshop work. They should’ve hired me in the first place. :-P