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The advertising power in me! Hehe.

I’m A Good Wife (To Be)

17th Dec 2009

I saw the ad for The Good Wife series on Astro last week. (I think they’re airing it in Malaysia starting January 2010??) I thought the ad looked mysterious and interesting at the same time, so I hopped on to my notebook and logged to the website I subscribed for viewing TV shows online. This is the same website where I watch all the up-to-date TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy & Desperate Housewives.

[I’m very impatient when it comes to TV shows. Astro is a wee bit behind those shows currently showing in USA, hence I don’t mind paying to watch them online. Thank goodness they accept payment through both PayPal and credit card. I wouldn’t be able to subscribe if they were accepting check by phone..]

Anyway, back to The Good Wife. I must say, this is a great show and I love it!!

The show tells of a woman named Alicia Florrick (played by Juliana Margulies – remember ER??) who is a mother and wife to a scandalous husband (played by Chris Noth – Mr. Big from Sex & The City!!!). After her husband was sent to jail for his sex and political corruption, Alicia had to resume full responsibility for her family and re-enter the workforce as a lawyer – and a very good one at it!

Nice one lah.. I don’t know if you’ll like this show but I know I do!

Business Card Obsession

25th Apr 2008

Not too long ago, I was pretty much in love with business cards… I think I might actually marry a business card if I could. I’d spend the day creating business cards after another – only to find that I do not have a business to sell. Now that I’m into freelance makeup business, maybe I should look into the old love of mine once again.

Being a busy person that I am, I wanted a pretty but quick design for my business card (because I just don’t have the time to create a logo, let alone a business card design), so when I heard about this company that offers quality business card and logo design, I was psyched and went to check out the AWESOME link.

First, I hit the logo creator:

Choose a logo:

A few clicks here and there..

WALAA! A business card of my own! Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. It was so easy to create one, I could do it with my eyes closed. (OK, that was exaggerating) But seriously, it was SO EASY, you wouldn’t believe how little time it takes to make your own quality business card.

Try it out yourself if you don’t believe me…

Oh by the way, that wasn’t my number on the card. But you can try calling it! :-P

Calling Home For The Holidays

30th Oct 2007

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for over a year now, you’d probably remember the time when I missed the flight that would bring me back home for Christmas with my family.. Yep, poor Cindy missed her flight and sobbed like crazy at the airport. And since it was during the peak month, there wasn’t any flight available for the next two weeks or so.

And how did I celebrate my Christmas?

Sobbed alone in the bedroom eating salmon temaki while creating another brand new blog theme for Foreign Beauty. hehe..

thanksgivingturkey.jpgThis year, I do not plan to celebrate Christmas alone. I’m determined to celebrate Christmas with my family this year! But to those of you who wouldn’t or couldn’t celebrate Christmas with your family or loved ones this year, don’t fret. You can always celebrate and communicate with them through the phone: and cheaper calling rate too! Get International calling cards and cheap prepaid phone card from Now offering a cheap International calling cards and phone cards; this is one opportunity you shouldn’t miss – especially if your loved ones are overseas. And with the coming Halloween and Thanksgiving celebration, take the opportunity to grab their latest Halloween Sale which is on till November 1st. The more you spend, the more discounts you get.

Cheap and affordable, calling home has never been cheaper.

Bringing Your Web Support To Live

23rd Oct 2007

The last time I experienced a problem with my website (it wouldn’t load despite numerous tries), I almost went berserk. You see, my website (blog) is kind of like “my life”. It’s where I made new friends apart from making my side income. My blogs are also another way of me communicating with my family and friends. So when the blog experienced some hosting problems, the first thing I’d do is of course, inquired the hosting provider. Emailing them is definitely NOT a way I’d like to use when sorting out this kind of problem. Direct communication is the most important thing! If I couldn’t reach them at the phone, I’d talk to them LIVE from their website. That way, any problems could be settled faster, easier and more accurate.

So you see, communication is important in a business. If you’re running one, you should know by now that customers prefers to solve problems and matter directly: phone or live chat. But as a customer, I personally prefers live support chat. Cheaper, faster and direct. With a live support chat, not only your customers will be able to communicate with you: Potential buyers can too! Instead of waiting for replies on the e-mails or snail mails, potential customers would be able to ask questions on the spot with a live support chat.

If you’re not sure about how to run a live support chat, perhaps you should try the services provided by Nothing fussy. Just add a single HTML line in your website and you are done. The site owner or even agents would be able to view the potential customer’s trail in the website; which page they landed, duration and even geo location. Visitors can even see weather or not there is someone available for chat based on the icon status indicator. And the best part? Cost effective. Your agents could even do this at home! At just $13/month per operator, this is one value for money you can’t miss. Try out their free 7 days trial and experience yourself how great it is to have one for your business.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

20th Oct 2007

When I was about the age of 8, there was this girl who lives next door to the apartment where I lived. Every Saturday morning, we would go to the car park with her younger sister to sing. Stomping and marching our foots, we’d play pretend that we’re a group or army going for a war. Our usual song would be like this:

” Bila aku sudah dewasa, aku ingin jadi tentera, selalu sedia menjaga negara, berani berjuang musuh kan ku tentang! “

Translation: ” When I’ve grown up, I want to be a soldier. Always ready to guard the country, dare to fight all the enemies! ”

Sadly, we never grew up to be a soldier at all. I guess time changed us..

For those of you who are currently serving the country as a soldier or a policeman (or maybe have loved ones in the armed forces), here’s a little shopping tip for you. If you’re planning on buying those police or military boots, you can always buy them from Rocky Boots – the place to get all your quality police and military boots. Currently offering a very competitive prices for their boots, it’s no wonder that Rocky Boots are well-known for their good reputation. Try talking to their customer service, they will definitely leave you smiling while shopping for their products.

And if you’re not a policeman or a soldier, you CAN get those military boots for yourself too..I’d suggest for a Bates Boots if you want to have more fun and add “spices” to the relationship with your spouse. If you know what I mean… *wink* :-P