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The advertising power in me! Hehe.

Pink October, Pink Pashmina

9th Oct 2007

Did you know that October is a pink month? It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. So why not show some support, ey?

Apart from changing your blog theme into Pink, there’s so many other ways of showing our support for the Breast Cancer Awareness. One way is to purchase pink pashminas from Pashmina International.

What does purchasing pink pashmina have anything to do with supporting the breast cancer awareness?

Simple. For every purchase you made for their pink pashminas, 10% of the sale will go directly to the Breast Cancer Awareness Research. Now how cool is that?! Shopping and donating at the same time – that’s not something you get to do all the time.

Buy a pashmina for your own, buy for your sister, your mom, your aunt, anyone you could think of. I’m sure they’re gonna love getting a pink pashmina as gift. I myself am a fan of pashminas. I wear pashmina when I go for a movie at the cinema, I wear pashmina during my long flights, I wear pashmina to my office – I wear pashmina almost all the time. Not only they’re comfortable to wear (hey, it keeps me warm all the time), pashminas also enhances the look of your outfit if combined properly. Wear pashminas with your little black dress for dinner – total beauty!

Let me give you an idea for the pashmina on a black dress:

Sexy, isn’t it? :B

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Lullaby Baby On The Tree Top..

5th Oct 2007

“Good night daddy. Good night mommy.”

“Good night, sweetie.”

“Sweet dreams and sleep well.”

“Sweet dreams to you too. And oh, don’t let the bed bug bite you!”

sleepingbee.jpgHad you lived and grew up in my family, you’d be hearing those conversation every single night between my siblings and my parents. Which brings me to the subject on bed bugs.

What is it about bed bugs biting you? Honestly, I’ve never experienced bed bug bites at home, be it at my parents’ place or my apartment. So why did my parents mentioned “bed bugs” every night before we go to bed? Was that a loving reminder from a parents to their children, are they trying to be cute (LOL!) or it’s just what everyone says to a person going to bed?

Whatever the reason was, I’m just glad I don’t get to experience bed bug bites. If you’re unfortunate enough to have had experienced it, my apologies for bringing up this topic. Haha! But hey, just to prevent any bed bug bites to happen in the near future, BedBugsGuide is probably a good place to go for all the info you need on bed bugs. And probably the place to go for some bed bugs control.

After all, you shouldn’t let the bed bugs bite you tonight!

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How Can We Say No To Cheap Vacations?

2nd Oct 2007

Last week when my best bud and me went out for our mini girlie fathering, at some point, we discussed about going for a vacation together. Being single and available, we thought that this would be the perfect time to go on a cruise or something since we do not have a husband or kids to tag along with us. Of course, we don’t mean to say that we can’t travel when there’s a husband and children involved, what we meant was at this stage (being single), we have the option to travel “light”. LOL! Especially that we girls are known to be shoppaholic at times, there’s no sureties that we would not be coming back from our travels with the same almost-empty luggage! Imagine travelling with families and a bag (or two) filled with stuffs we bought during the vacation. Oh my, we would definitely be charge extra for those weight!

plane.jpgNow back to our travelling plans. The main plan was to travel to somewhere nearby. Australia. Sometime next year.. maybe on Christmas.. hehehe.. But the thing is, we weren’t sure if we could save enough for the fare, hotel stay and of course, shopping activities by then! Yes, it’s always the money issue when it comes to vacation plans. *sigh*

But hey, maybe money won’t be a major issue if we try getting the service from – where they claim to offer us Cheap Travel. In fact, I’ve tried their website myself. I searched for available flights from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. Took me less than a minute to get the result. Impressive! They even offer alternative flights too, if you happen to want to fly on a certain airline. Oh you’re gonna love their website. It’s so easy to use and book your flights. It’s really user friendly, even my little sister would know how to use it! Search for flights, hotels or even car rentals – totally makes your vacation plan an easy one. If you’re planning for a vacation soon, why don’t give them a try?

As for me, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that money saving. :p

I Think It’s Time For An Online Backup

15th Sep 2007

* Based on real story, only I am PAID to talk about it. Yay!

I’m in the brink of losing it right now. I’m going to cry as loud as I can, but I don’t wanna scare the neighbors away. I know most of my neighbors are Chinese, and today is Mooncake Festival so most of them are having family dinner together. If I scream and cry, they might think that the ghosts are back! (Ghost festival just ended some week ago, in case you have no idea what I’m saying)

So why the frustration?

Well.. I accidentally deleted a folder in my Notebook (in an attempt to clear the Notebook from mess), without realizing that it was filled with web designs I’ve been working on (for fun) during my free time. *sob* Not only did I deleted the folder, I also went ahead and deleted all the files inside the Recycle Bin – because I hate seeing the recycle bin being “Full”. Silly me!!!! I should’ve signed up for the online backup program in case stupid thing like this happened! Why! Why! Why! It’s not really THAT expensive to sign up with that, only cost $4.95 per month for unlimited storage. FREE storage for files up to 2GB of size too! I know, I know.. it happened to me before too, only I didn’t deleted the folders but my computer froze on me and I lost all the works I’ve been working on (because I forgot to save the file). And I still didn’t learn a lesson! *sob*

Note to self: Cindy: It’s much safer to store in an online storage. Easy, fast & secure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll try to search online if there’s a program that could save “deleted files” in the computer.

Oh, a friendly reminder from me. Don’t repeat why I’ve done. Get your files saved in an online backup for peace of mind.