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Cindy, the violin player (ha!)

25th Jun 2013

So I finally got my violin back! Thanks to my brother who carried it with him all the way from KL, into the plane, out of the plane and to my apartment. So, yay! I can finally practice and enhance my violin playing again. Currently trying to perfect my “Silent Night” so I can perform in front of my gawking family come Christmas. *hee*

Speaking of violin, Bunny actually broke the E-string when I asked him to help me fine tune the strings. Humm.. it’s probably due to the fact that the string’s old. It’s still the same string since I got the violin like… er.. many years ago? (can’t remember exactly WHEN). And according to Bunny, old string breaks easily. I don’t know if he’s saying that to save his skin (lol), but oh well.. at least now my violin got a set of brand new strings. All 4 strings!

And oh, if you’re around KK area and plays violin too (and is on a tight budget, like me).. you can get good quality violin strings from my friend’s store. (OK, he’s actually Bunny’s friend. But any friends of Bunny’s also my friend lah.. he he) His store is called VMIS Music Store. They have a Facebook Page too! So if you’re looking for musical accessories or instruments, you can get them from VMIS Music Store. Just tell them that Cindy (Jaya punya fiancee) sent you there. Guarantee can get good price. (I think lah. Ha ha)

By the way, this is the violin string that I’m currently using. Will be changing to D’Addario string when I’ve mastered my “Silent Night”! Ha ha ha


Teach me how to crochet!

14th Mar 2013

If there’s one thing I need to learn right now, it’ll be crocheting. I can’t crochet to save my life, let alone know the tools of crocheting.


How adorable is this??? I want one!! And the fact that I sleep with a hot water bottle almost every night gives me the motivation to make one for myself.. so I could sleep in style. Ha!

If you want to make one (or rather, make one for me), go to Yvestown and tell me the good news. *hee*

New fonts on the block

20th Feb 2013

My name is Cindy and I’m a fontaholic. Therefore I bought another set of fonts.


Got the WHOLE set of AMOUR – because I couldn’t decide which one I like the most! ^_^

That said, I am gonna eat grasses for the whole month till someone donates in my Vacation Fund. Mmm..

Arrival of new stocks

23rd Jan 2013

My paper straws have finally arrived!


Used a whole bunch of them last Christmas and New Year and instantly fell in love with them – hence the ordering of more! *hee* But also, I am thinking of selling them on My Facebook Page so everyone else can experience the cuteness of these babies too. Especially those who live in Malaysia. (We do not have Paper Straws for sale in Malaysian shops.. *sigh*)

So if you’re curious or interested to have these Paper Straws, be sure to check out my Facebook Page every now and then for the announcement ya? ^_^

You better watch out, better not pout..

29th Nov 2012

Just about a couple of weeks left before C H R I S T M A S!!

Have you started your shopping list yet? I haven’t! Sooooo many work to do that I haven’t started a LIST too. Weeweeeeweeee! :( But thank goodness that I have actually started to buy a few stuff online since months ago – just to be sure that I’ll have some of the items I need for Christmas. Once such as paper straws …

I must also remember to buy lots and lots of velcro tape this year. Last year, we seemed to have ran out of tapes at home. Well, not this year! This year, I’ll come prepared. He he he.

Here’s wishing you a lovely day and a shorter Christmas list to go. :P