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Crazy going once, going twice..!

12th Oct 2012

I’m Cindy and I’m a fontaholic. Still am and will always be.

Look what I spent on my hard-earned money on again today:

Got me some fonts from the Brownstone Sans family: which cost me… uhm, let’s not mention how much because it’ll remind me of how broke I am…

But the font is really, really cute. How to resist lah? If you ask me to decide in choosing between interlocking floor tiles for my home or a font, I’d definitely say FONTS! In fact, I wouldn’t mind if people give me a Gift Card to buy fonts for my birthday, or Christmas. It will make me extremely happy for sure!

Now if you’d excuse moi, I’m gonna check out the rest of the cute fonts on sale see how much damaged I’ve made with my money today…

These are a few of my favorite fonts..

8th Oct 2012

A few years back, I openly admitted in my blog that I am a fontaholic. A few months ago when my laptop died a sudden death, I lost ALL my fonts collections. I know, I should’ve saved it elsewhere. Lesson learned.

And now here I am again, expressing my love for fonts and sharing with you, my favorite fonts at the moment: (in no particular order)

Buy this font HERE

Buy this font HERE

Buy this font HERE

Buy this font HERE

Buy this font HERE

So there you go, my current favorite fonts. :D Oh, I’m sorry if you were expecting that I would share the font as in the actual fonts to you. But if you really love them, you can always buy them, right? I know the combination of the fonts above could buy you a maha mh-c808m, for the sake of font loving… I’ll say, just go for it!

Happiness comes in the form of…PINK!

29th Jun 2012

The fairies came visiting again, this time bringing good vibes of pink into my life. *teehee*

Less than a couple of weeks ago, I bought some makeup and makeup tools online..and surprisingly, it came faster than my previous order. So I’m all happy and excited – thanks to the pink fairies. :-D

My pink makeup collection is growing and growing!

Nice kan? Macam telur. He he he.. In case you’re wondering what this ‘egg’ is for, it’s actually a makeup applicator. Like those sponge you use to apply your foundation on? Ha, itu laitu. Only this one is latex free.

PS: Not showing the rest of the makeup because they’re not pink. :-(

I’m a T-Shirt ‘maker’!

20th Apr 2012

Hello you guys (and girls)!

Life has been really busy with so many things coming up. Harvest Festival coming up real soon, cousins getting hitched, project deadlines and an overly active dog who just couldn’t sit still! Man, it’s so hectic over here I hardly have time to paint my nails!

And speaking of hectic, have I already told you that I am collaborating with my dear old brother (he’s gonna kill me for saying that. ha ha) in his new T-Shirt printing company called The Printee. This is a total local business, made in Malaysia ones. And a lot of the T-Shirt designs are made by.. ahem.. ME!

You can find a lot of designs over there that you might be interested to buy. And if you happened to buy designs made by me, I get paid!! So buy T-Shirts and help feed me! *teehee* However, if you’re looking for lab ovens, you won’t find it there. We only sell T-Shirts and custom-made T-Shirts.

So yeah. Buy T-Shirts and help Cindy put foods on the table. ;-D