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Things I Did Yesterday

20th May 2011

1. I woke up to the sound of music playing from the computer speaker of my favorite Bunny. He’s having another bouts of insomnia so he was doing his thang. I was somehow annoyed but his innocent face made me want to snuggle up against him – but the AC is not fixed yet so it’s really uncomfortable to snuggle in the hot weather. :-(

2. I signed the petition for the Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia. You should too!

3. I bought a gift for a friend who’s celebrating her birthday today (tonight). I hope she likes the gift.

4. Washed my hair. Since turning blonde, I enjoy washing and blowing my hair before going off to work. It makes me feel so… blonde.

5. I spent USD 72.62 on Pottery Barn’s Pillowcases. This was the most happiest moment of my day.

6. Which turned to depressing, knowing that I spent quite a huge amount of money (when you convert it to RM) on pillowcases alone..

7. It could probably buy me a fireplace insert for my new place too!

8. But upon getting the “Oh, what a lovely pillowcase!” remark from Bunny, the depression turned happy again!

9. I did not sleep the whole night yesterday and it’s 7:05AM right now.

Gotta hit the sack!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

19th Feb 2011

Not an expensive stuff to showoff, but I’ll showoff anyway..

(sorry for the bad picture quality. used my cellphone instead of the DSLR)

Because the Naked Palette is sold out everywhere – even in the USA or Singapore’s Sephora. I have no idea why this makeup palette has been a hit and the stores are running out of stock for this. But I have it! :-P I finally have it!!

Lama juga I waited tau… 3 months worth of wait and I finally got it. If you’re a makeup lover, especially for the naked colors or neutral tones, then you should get this palette. It’s so pigmented and vibrant!

OK, gotta go do some data backup services to my computers. I think something is wrong somewhere…

Happy weekend!

Union Jack-ie Girl

17th Nov 2010

Just got my ole-ole from Jaya’s niece who just got back from her long studies in UK – and I’m all excited about it!

Of course, when I got the bag, I knew it’s a Union Jack tee inside because I requested it personally from her. LOL. But the most exciting part was to see the size of the tee on the label. It stated XS. Hahahaha! I feel like a slim woman once again! And oh, the tee bag comes with the shop’s website URL as well. Looks like I can buy another Union Jack tee online from them for Jaya. He’s so green with envy that I got a tee while he got a Beatles original Abbey Road poster. Aww, baby.. your poster costs more than my baju bah. :-P

But then again, I get to wear the shirt while he gets to hang the poster on the wall. Muahahaha!

Merry Meri Christmas

17th Nov 2010

I feel weird. I keep trying to explain it to my fiancé but I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s not PMS or high blood pressure. I’m just having stomachache since morning and it felt like I’m having gastric attack longer than usual. I should drink some Baileys and go to sleep..

Anyway, I think this cupcake set from Meri-Meri is CUTIELICIOUS!

I mean, the fiancé and I has been talking about Christmas dinner and what we’ll prepare/cook for the occasion.. having some Christmas cupcake would be a perfect addition, right?

[looks at empty purse]

Oh nevermind.

How to break your back

29th Sep 2010

By hand-washing your blanket, of course.

Well I thought it would be a good exercise since I spend most of my time sitting my butt on that comfortable chair in my office. The only thing that moves on my body during the day was my eyes, my hands (of course) and occasionally my mouth – to sip my plain water and to chew on mints. So I reckon doing hand-wash on the heavy blanket helps to burn some fat, yo?


It breaks the back, I tell you. And it doesn’t help much that there are no bathroom fans in my bathroom that almost left me breathless while I was in between life and death dealing with the heavy blanket and with what little air I have (the ventilation was quite bad), I thought I was gonna pass out!

So take my advice – send your blankets to the laundry service next time!

Oh, on a lighter note.. I think I’ve began to develop a fetish for post-its. I noticed that a colleague of mine had a small brown post-it this morning and I went gaga over it – leaving my colleagues to doubt my sanity. But who cares? I’m buying myself more post-it from now onwards! Here’s my latest target:

Oooooohhh I’m so excited I feel like a 6 year old again!!! ^______^