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Merry Meri Christmas

17th Nov 2010

I feel weird. I keep trying to explain it to my fiancé but I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s not PMS or high blood pressure. I’m just having stomachache since morning and it felt like I’m having gastric attack longer than usual. I should drink some Baileys and go to sleep..

Anyway, I think this cupcake set from Meri-Meri is CUTIELICIOUS!

I mean, the fiancé and I has been talking about Christmas dinner and what we’ll prepare/cook for the occasion.. having some Christmas cupcake would be a perfect addition, right?

[looks at empty purse]

Oh nevermind.

How to break your back

29th Sep 2010

By hand-washing your blanket, of course.

Well I thought it would be a good exercise since I spend most of my time sitting my butt on that comfortable chair in my office. The only thing that moves on my body during the day was my eyes, my hands (of course) and occasionally my mouth – to sip my plain water and to chew on mints. So I reckon doing hand-wash on the heavy blanket helps to burn some fat, yo?


It breaks the back, I tell you. And it doesn’t help much that there are no bathroom fans in my bathroom that almost left me breathless while I was in between life and death dealing with the heavy blanket and with what little air I have (the ventilation was quite bad), I thought I was gonna pass out!

So take my advice – send your blankets to the laundry service next time!

Oh, on a lighter note.. I think I’ve began to develop a fetish for post-its. I noticed that a colleague of mine had a small brown post-it this morning and I went gaga over it – leaving my colleagues to doubt my sanity. But who cares? I’m buying myself more post-it from now onwards! Here’s my latest target:

Oooooohhh I’m so excited I feel like a 6 year old again!!! ^______^

Some days are good days

21st Sep 2010

..except for the part when I my tooth start aching!

Well, hello there! I am posting this from the luxury of my home chair, my home table and my home computer. I haven’t had the time to post from my office due to the piling work on the table – and the fact that everyone is not encouraged to waste the time surfing the Net or play Facebook during work. Hehehe.

Oh..uhm, where was I??

Toothache. Yeah. I’m starting to have this toothache that I think I need/have to pay a visit and pay some $$$ to a dentist like real soon. Gosh. The thing that comes to you when you’re broke or about to get some money. It’s like finding the best hair loss product when another ad popped up saying that theirs are the best – one couldn’t handle it and end up buying the other product. But in NO WAY am I saying that it happened to me, because I do not have any hair loss problem.

*touch wood*

Anyway, I got something new and something pink to add to the residents (as my boss would call it) of my new office desk. Take a look and tell me..cute or not?

Cute bah kan?? Well of course it is. It’s pink! …and it’s my choice. :-P


11th Sep 2010

My life has been really busy with work stuff that while everyone was out enjoying their Hari Raya holidays, I was working — at home. I have a few projects to work on and the deadlines coming up real soon!

But as much as I had to stay back till late at night in the office almost daily, I still feel sane. LOL. My relationship with my partner has never been as great as it is now (probably the little time we get to spend with each other lately made the hearts grow fonder. Ha!) and I am learning to move faster than a bullet train when it comes to doing house chores.

Even managed to get online and bought some stuff for my table at the office:

The office supplies boring, yellow-colored POST-ITs, so I figured some colorful POST-ITs wouldn’t hurt! I like my table to be colorful and lively – like me! :-P Of course, these are my own stuff and I wouldn’t claim it from the management – unless they’re willing to pay for it! LOL

Anyway, back to work again before we start preparing dinner – which is soon!

Inspired.. finally!

5th Aug 2010

Aiso boss doiti upisku, ngaa memprint-print nopo izou doiti – mulau no kopio! lol

Pardon me for my attempt in speaking in Kadazan, but that’s the best I can. At least I’m learning!

So I found these cute stuffs on and this particular thing caught my eyes, it’s like love at first sight. It’s like finding the Blue Advantage for the first time.

I’m so in love that I think I’m inspired to do something inspirational.. or something inspiring.

Anyway, I’m inspired. :-)