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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

here comes christmas…soon!

6th Dec 2016

At every start of December, my family Whatsapp group will start beeping more often than always – it’s an indication that a family meeting is to commence and a family Christmas party is to be planned. So we had a family meeting last weekend. There were glorious foods involved too! (to be honest, I’m always excited for the meetings for this reason only. lol)

Amongst other things that we’ve agreed upon were the Christmas singing session – which is a MUST in every Sabahan parties. This is definitely NOT my favorite part, despite the fact that I love singing at home, but, singing at family parties is not my thing. However, to avoid Krampus’ wrath, I guess I’m gonna sing a song or two. Probably get my partner involved too; by getting him to learn a few songs by hoobastank – The Reason would be one of it!

Oh, this Christmas is gonna be a merry one. I can feel it already.

no public sharing of music please

1st Nov 2016

How many times have you been to public places like the eateries or hospital waiting room or cafes, and there was this one person who plays music through his/her phone loudly, causing discomfort to the people around them? Yes, that one person who plays his/her favorite song again and again with no regard of the public seated nearby! I did, numerous times, and boy that was so annoying!

Don’t they know how rude that is?? I mean, this is basic, common sense…

There are times when I feel like coming up to them and suggest them to get a detox beats for themselves, just so they could enjoy the music on their own without annoying the heck out of everybody!

music plays an important part in a cafe, too

13th Sep 2016

I was at this cafe with a friend of mine last weekend. It was located at Megalong Mall in a small town in Penampang. It was a small cafe with only about 5 tables. Food choices were variety and so are the drinks. We’d normally go to the cafe next door to it, which had more seating and finger food choices – but the only thing that put us off at that other cafe was the volume of their music setting. It was wayyyy too loud for our ears. It really cuts the mood of eating. We could also hardly hear our own voices when conversing to each other.

I really think that music plays a huge part in an eatery place. Too loud a music pains the ear (unless you’re in a bar – but nobody goes to a bar to enjoy food!) and no music at all makes a place boring. Soft music playing in the background makes the perfect ambience for an eatery, in my opinion. And if one could afford it, maybe get some musicians (who owns a cr4 maybe) to play at a corner as well. That would definitely lift up the mood!

So if you’re a person who owns a cafe, I hope you’d consider not playing too loud a music in a cafe. Ha ha

all’s well that ends well

16th May 2016

Yesterday was the last day of Retreat Penyembuhan Batin… and boy was I super exhausted. 2 weeks of daily singing practice with the Charismatic group (we practice from 8:30 PM till 11:00 PM.. but I’d normally go to bed around 1:00 AM after late supper) along with the lack of sleep (coz we had to come early to the retreat venue) has finally taken it’s toll on me.

I fell asleep in the card on our way back home and I slept for about 10 hours back home. It was a much needed sleep (but honestly, I am still tired right now. lol)

But it was an awesome experience nonetheless. Our group performed well in bringing the crown to singing praising songs. Very uplifting especially now that we have awesome musicians in our group; a Filipino drummer, an Iban lead guitarist (who uses a fitty watt Marshall – I think?), a Kadazan rhythmist guitar and a Kadazan keyboardist. If you hear they play, I’m 100% sure that you’ll enjoy singing the praising songs as well.

Now that the retreat’s over, I am so looking forward for the next retreat (so my brand new Shure SM58 microphone can sing with me again. lol)

she finally got hitched!

10th Mar 2016

A fortnight ago, we celebrated the wedding of my bestie, Sandy.


i’m so happy for her, can you tell it from my face? ha ha

the bride was beaming with happiness, you can see how happy she was. in fact, i’ve never seen her this happy in the many years i’ve known her – all praises be to the Lord for finally making her dreams come true! a man that loves her and a man who has always been with her through thick and thin – what more could you ask for from a husband?

it was a beautiful wedding with all the pretty details; her wedding theme color was green and almost everyone dressed up in beautiful green – except for me and my partner. we were dressed in white coz i was the maid of honor. *beams*

her reception will be this weekend and i do not know what i’m gonna give her. Joy Jewelers stackable expressions came to mind instantly; they’d make a perfect wedding gift! don’t you think?

oh i so can’t wait for the reception this weekend. it’s gonna be another day filled with awesomeness and lots of sweet memories and cakes! (and me with on my brand new dress) *Ü*