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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Things I Did Yesterday

20th May 2011

1. I woke up to the sound of music playing from the computer speaker of my favorite Bunny. He’s having another bouts of insomnia so he was doing his thang. I was somehow annoyed but his innocent face made me want to snuggle up against him – but the AC is not fixed yet so it’s really uncomfortable to snuggle in the hot weather. :-(

2. I signed the petition for the Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia. You should too!

3. I bought a gift for a friend who’s celebrating her birthday today (tonight). I hope she likes the gift.

4. Washed my hair. Since turning blonde, I enjoy washing and blowing my hair before going off to work. It makes me feel so… blonde.

5. I spent USD 72.62 on Pottery Barn’s Pillowcases. This was the most happiest moment of my day.

6. Which turned to depressing, knowing that I spent quite a huge amount of money (when you convert it to RM) on pillowcases alone..

7. It could probably buy me a fireplace insert for my new place too!

8. But upon getting the “Oh, what a lovely pillowcase!” remark from Bunny, the depression turned happy again!

9. I did not sleep the whole night yesterday and it’s 7:05AM right now.

Gotta hit the sack!

Another one blows the candle

20th May 2011

A friend is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Well actually, we (her friends) are going to celebrate it for/with her – because it’s going to be a surprise birthday party. She has no idea that we have planned it a week ago and so we are in between excited and nervous at the same time! What if she has another sudden plan tomorrow and couldn’t join us? What if someone else throw another surprise party for her as well? That would suck big time!

But I’m praying that everything’s gonna turn out just fine tomorrow for I have already bought a gift for her. :-P It’s nothing fancy like an urban clothing or something, but it’s something practical, cute and is wearable. *hee*

Let’s hope that things go as planned tomorrow – because I am so looking forward for the cake-eating part! Ha ha!

Tweet! Tweet!

6th May 2011

A little birdy told me that Sephora has opened its wings in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur!

*joy* *joy* *joy*

(Although they might have been opened for quite some time and I am sooo ketinggalan zaman with this news, doesn’t matter. I am still very happy!)

And since I am a huge fan of the Urban Decay’s Naked Palette and Eye Primer, Sephora will definitely be one of my favorite haunt – when I have the $$. *hee* And this explains why I am still up at this hour (time check: 4:30am) and blogging about this.. Although I am supposed to be talking about the lipozene scam, I somehow decided to talk about something else: Sephora.

Well, gotta stop talking and start surfing. *wink*

Time flies!

4th May 2011

One of the few tasks I have to do lately was to settle my bills, change my mailing address, complete my assignments and getting a ticket back to Sarawak for Gawai – in which, I have apparently failed to do. “You haven’t booked us a ticket?!” or “Why didn’t you get them earlier? It’s much cheaper that way!” were among the normal sentences I’d hear from both, the man and the mom.


Didn’t we just celebrated Gawai?

That was a year ago??

I had to drink a whole jug of tuak a year ago? Oh, man.. the celebration continues come end of May. Ha ha! What excuse should I say this year to avoid those drinks? Tell them that I’m expecting my first child? LOL

I mean, just writing about the whole tuak thing brings chill down my spine.

Life was different 2 years ago, before I get to know rumah panjang, tuak and all-night celebration. I’m sure this year would be another blast for them and me – and I plan to buy a few stuff to make the party merrier. I’d get some payday loans if I have to, because Gawai celebration this year will be something new and fresh! (I’m pregnant, remember?) *wink*

Setting A Target

26th Apr 2011

After seeing myself in my recent photo and comparing it to how I looked like 5 years ago, I felt disgusted. How on earth did I neglected to look myself in the mirror and not noticing the ever increasing size of my face, arm, belly and all over? LoL

I mean, what happened?!

After giving it much thought, (and not wanting to look as large as an old friend’s wife) I’m setting myself a target: To exercise at least 20 minutes a day. And I also took the liberty of getting myself a few sets of dumbbell to give myself extra challenge. Hopefully I might be able to lift heavy sawit after a few months. Ha ha! And if I managed to hit my target weight somehow, I might reward myself with some gurkha cigars. Bwahahaha!