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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Losing the mojo

21st Apr 2011

The first thing I did when I wake up this morning was to brush my teeth and doing all the things you do when you’re in the bathroom. Then I pick the dirty linens and head to the washing machine at the back to get them cleaned. Went straight to my computer table then and start checking on my emails and Facebook. And twitter. Non involved the blog. Oh yes, I’m getting tired of blogging.

Perhaps, the excitement of writing something in my blog has slowly fade away since I started to talk on twitter and Facebook. Perhaps the mojo’s gone? Or maybe there’s just nothing much to tell about my life anymore – because as I grow up, I start to think that some things are meant to be private. I know my ex-boyfriend reads my blog and perhaps some other people I know (but I do not want to know) reads my blog as well…

And maybe there’s more to life than telling the world what you’re up to. Like how I am going through a not-so-strict-diet right now and that I’ve lost 3kgs so far. Ha ha ha! Oh yeah… pretty soon I could fit myself into that full figure lingerie, eh? *excited*

Or perhaps I should post my before and after picture over here when I managed to hit my target weight for all to see and for my ex-boyfriend to see: so he’ll know what a hot woman I am now (soon). LOL!

I want to start a bakery

7th Apr 2011

This is my fantasy:

To open a bakery with my best friend.

We’ll have the cutest cupcakes you can ever find. Maybe a tiered wedding cake if we feel classy. The wallpaper will be of pink and cream stripes. Myself and my friend will be wearing the cutest pink dress and the room itself will smell like grandma’s cookies.

Ha ha!

It might sound like a bad Saturday Night Live skit, but that’s my fantasy. I’m not a good baker, but I love decorating cakes and making people happy.

When this fantasy becomes a reality, don’t forget to get personalized stationery at Personal Creations and send it to my bakery on the Grand Opening day – because it might come true! :-P

Some days are good days

26th Mar 2011

One of the (few) things that I’ve complained about working at night is that I don’t get to watch my favorite TV shows anymore. And since I spend most of my daytime (sleeping) working on my freelance job, I hardly have the time to do other things – apart from doing laundry, of course. And I’m getting very little sleep these days.

We went home about 5 in the morning last night because some friends decided to party extra longer. But it was fun. Another friend of mine and myself managed to drink up a whole bottle of whiskey and still managed to stay sober! I know I WAS sober because I can still remember the exact word of a new friend to me. He said,

“You’re a very bright girl. I can tell that you’re a very bright girl. You shouldn’t waste your time here. Migrate!”

I don’t know if that was the beer talking, but he was obviously looking very sober. And he promised me a puppy!

There’s gonna be another party tonight. Hopefully they won’t drag it all the way till sunrise or else I’d have to check myself into the Blue Cross North Carolina.

But it was all fun. Good fun.

PS: I wonder where I kept my DSLR and the card reader?!

No shit

17th Mar 2011

I was at the pharmacy last Monday, in search of a miracle product that would turn me skinny overnight. I was told by the lady who served me that no such thing existed, but if I were to go for the right way, detox would it. She picked a box of “A box” that contains Hydrolyzed Collagen for firmer skin (among others) that, according to her, has been proven to make you lose weight and see the result in just 1 week!

“Have you tried the product yourself?”, I asked.

“No, but my colleague did.”

She called upon her colleague who was browsing through a magazine of home lighting fixtures, who upon hearing my quest to a firmer and slender body, admitted about the power of The box. That other woman was plump, of course – which popped the question in my mind – she took The box and still looking like that?!!

But the positive side of me took me over. She probably was fat huge before taking the box, now she’s plump. And to make long story short, I bought The box. Until I see changes in my body, I will call it The box. If it works, you shall hear the good news.

As of now, I am detoxing and just shitting myself.

Literally, of course.

Awesomely Awesome

8th Mar 2011

So I’ve just told someone how I hate my current job and that I wanted to join her in her world. She promised to help me in every way she can, if she can. So where am I going next?


And I’m beginning to think that my blog posts are getting really boring lately with all the rubbish that I post and photos are almost non-existent. Well I’m sorry, but I just moved to a new place. Again. Let me re-arrange everything (and get my new IKEA work desk) before I start posting photos again and invite you over for a BBQ. YES, you can BBQ at my new place! Can even wear bridesmaid dresses while you’re at it and non of those kepoh neighbors will question you. LOL!

In the meantime, I have one important mission:


I’m gonna do something for myself and turn it into an awesome one!