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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Progress towards messiness

4th Mar 2011

This will be a busy week for both me and my other half. Again. The landlord has sold off his property so we will be moving out by the weekend.

I’ve seen the new place and it feels a little strange not having to walk up the stairs or take the elevator to get into our apartment. Instead, we get to park the car right in the front porch and walk into the house. And oh, we’ll also get to invite our friends over for barbeque if we want to, because we just can. And to add a little more fun, I get to put a dog or cat of my own choice in that lawn if I want to. Ha! The best part was, we weren’t overpaying the new landlady to enjoy all these. :-P

But still.

I hate moving.

Money, money, money, it’s so funny…

28th Feb 2011

Funny how we said “Money is not everything”, yet, we seek for more money all the time to stay alive. Or to be on the same par with most of your friends who practically have everything. As for me, I couldn’t care less to be so-called up-to-date with technologies and stuff. I’m only bothered with the latest makeup stuff. Ha ha!

I have this weird obsession on makeup palettes, concealers and primers. Lately, the obsession has shifted to fake eyelashes that it scares my other half and my wallet as well! Now how, how, how on earth do I feed my obsession at the rate I’m going? Sell unwanted items on eBay to make more money? Build an auto insurance blog so auto companies will start sponsoring me stuff? I don’t know..

Maybe I should actively start my blog design service once again..

Gantengnya pacarku, one adorable song at a time

26th Feb 2011

My goodness! It’s like a CD shop over here. The fiancé has been playing all sorts of song and genre these past few days. The previous week was Irish. Yesterday was soul music. Today is like a dangdut fest!

“Gantengnya pacarku..gantengnya pacarku.. tak jemu-jemu aku memandangmu”

He was not feeling well last week due to fever and flu – which explains how I got the flu & cough as well. He’s so much better now and I am down with fever instead. So unfair! We both took the same medicine, went to see the same doctor and still….. I am feeling the same way as I did a week ago. Maybe he took the best vitamins, I don’t know. I just wish that I’ll feel so much better so I could dance with the song. Ha! Ha!

“Katanya darling I love you..”


PS: Gantengnya Pacarku is a song by Nini Carlina

Bosan makan luar

25th Feb 2011

I’m so sick of the outside food. Ever since we came back from Sabah, we have never once.. used the stove or the kitchen to prepare meals for ourselves. Well… maybe once. Or twice. But just to cook Maggi pulak.. And I’ve no idea how the ikan masin looked like since I’ve never opened up the package (we brought all the way from Sabah last New Year) LOL

In the evenings, we usually tapau foods from the restaurant close to our working place.. It tasted good, of course, but you’ll get sick of the food if you have them daily! Maybe I should start waking up early and prepare lunch or dinner for us. And I believe that I need to get some food storage kits as well for that purpose.

But the most important thing: I need to learn how to cook! Ha ha ha!

From bad to worse

22nd Feb 2011

I don’t understand why the need of some people to tag me in their discussion board on Facebook, when the discussion was about, “How do I delete this post?” Irritating? Yes. Stupid? Definitely. Remove them from Friend’s list? Considering!

I mean, don’t these people have better things say? Talk about how to get rid of dark circles perhaps, is better. And don’t they have anything better to do in their life than to irritate the heck out of someone? Not only it’s a waste of time, it also increases the amount of emails in my Inbox for that matter! Let’s not forget a few idiots who tagged along in the stupid discussion by saying, “Uiks?” or “LOL”. Seriously, if they’re right in front of me, I’m gonna sumpit the life out of them!