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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Weekend is movie day (or DVD day)

20th Feb 2011

Finally had some time to relax at home today. The man bought a few DVDs as usual so we sat in front of the TV. So while I’m waiting for the blackhead remover to work it’s magic, I joined him in watching:

The trailer was awesome, so I thought, this would be another good, scary movie.

But I was wrong. Oh so wrong. This is a stupid movie! Not scary at all and it gave me headache from the cameraman’s shaky hand! Two fine performances from Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell are wasted as the material goes from subtly self-reflexive to blatantly generic. I guess Paranormal Activity 2 is so much scarier than this. Or Blair Witch Project. The latter is so much worthy to watch.

I’m gonna have a glass of Baileys and I don’t care if I’m coughing or not.

I woke up this morning and went straight to my Notebook

8th Feb 2011

It’s probably gonna take me a few weeks or a lengthy blog post to explain why, so I’m just gonna say it in the shortest way possible.

I had a sad and bad dream about someone I used to care a lot. And disturbing too.

OK. Let’s keep it that short or my family members (or worse, the fiancé) will think that I’ve gone crazy.)
Anyway, what’s with Google’s logo today? What was the resemblance?? All I see was the windows of a ship? Submarine?

Whatever it was, the graphic designer did a very good job! :-)


3rd Feb 2011

The one thing I really need right now is to go for a spa. Yes, instead of a good ole manicure work or a brand new hair cut, a spa is what I really, REALLY need right now. Mau rilex-rilex bah..

But I guess at the rate of my work-related thingy right now, going for a spa could not be listed under my To Do list. Not only I wouldn’t have time to go for a spa, even seeing the sight of a hot tub spa cover would be sort of like a miracle right now. LOL

Yes, I am THAT busy and tired. And overworked.



30th Jan 2011

Lately, you can find me in a heavily smoke-infested room nightly. Well, almost nightly. It didn’t come from my cigarette, of course. I’m a non-smoker actually. It was from other people’s cigarette. Now that makes me a 2nd hand smoker, right?

I smell of smoke lately. My clothes smells like smoke. Even my hair smells like smoke. Because it IS coming from them smokes. Will inhaling these smokes everyday makes me want to smoke? Probably not. But if it does, I might need to check myself in at the malibu rehab treatment soon. LOL

Thing is, I hate the smell of smokes coming from them cigarettes. I really hate it. I wish I can just tell everyone to stop smoking in a closed room!

It’s a Sunday!

23rd Jan 2011

Happy Sunday everyone!

I can finally sleep longer today – in fact, I woke up at 3pm! (so sorry, mom..I missed Sunday mass again. I feel really bad for it..) Well, today’s gonna be another busy day again. I have clothes to wash, I have floors to sweep and mop, I have clean linen to fold, I have blog design requests to work on, I have assignments to do.. and I need to catchup with my favorite TV shows online!

*phew* I’m gonna need to smoke some cigars untuk menenangkan jiwa like this. LOL

(Don’t worry, mom. I’m just kidding. I still don’t smoke) :-)