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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Setting up my home office

28th Oct 2010

I talked about getting a new table for my home office in my personal blog, now here I am, again, talking about wanting to get a new table for my home office. Except that, this time, I’m posting a cheaper table. Hehe. Lookie-lookie:

At only RM289, this beautiful white table can be yours!

I can almost imagine what I’ll be putting on the table. My figurines, my mini books, my pens, my computer, CDs, books about home remedies for blackheads (kidding!) and whatever that needs to be seated on the table! But then again, can it fit? The table looks pretty small tho..

Oh well, I guess I would have to go to IKEA to find out..

Late night post

27th Oct 2010

During our post-mortem meeting today, the boss gave me a surprised look when she saw me – I was hoping for an oh-my-god-you-look-so-pretty-today but instead, it was an oh-my-god-cindy-what’s-with-the-panda-look !

Yeh.. apparently I had this panda eyes today due to the lack of sleep. Truth be told, it wasn’t really a panda look lah. It was my mascara that I couldn’t be bothered to remove thoroughly yesterday because I was so tired from the event that removing my mascara was the last thing that came into my mind. All I wanted was to sleep. I bet if we have a few events to run in a week, I’ll be needing those anti wrinkle creams A LOT soon!

OK, eyes are closing without control now. Gotta go to bed or I will get a real panda eyes tomorrow!

Public Announcement

27th Oct 2010

Dear people,

I might write some stuff that I’m not supposed to write in my blog sometimes. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I complain, sometimes..well, I do admit, I show-off a little. But that does not mean I am THAT person. You’ll know that I’m totally a different person if you had the chance to meet me. In person.

And tho I might talk about makeup products or body care items …or weight loss product, that does NOT mean I am selling them. Nor do I sell them in bulk and give discounts if you buy them in a large quantity! So to whoever sent me the emails asking me about the discounts and orders (you know who you are), I’m so sorry to disappoint you. I’m a user, not a seller. :-(

But I do sell my graphic/blog design services! *wink*


26th Oct 2010

I’m back from work early today. YAY! But then again, I had to get out of bed really early today, like at 5.00AM. We had a product launching event at Imbi Monorail Station this morning, so you can imagine how busy and hectic it was. We had VIPs to officiate the station, we had Taiwan cultural dance show, we had Taiwan delicacies served and oh! Datin Seri Rosmah walked in front of me! And and and… Norman KRU too! LOL (My, I am so celebrity-struck. :-P)

But to sum it up, I am really, really tired. If it wasn’t for the money, I don’t think I could last this long in the company I’m working with. Hahaha! But then again, I still couldn’t afford to buy my family some corporate holiday gift – this year they probably will get something more traditional. Very Christmas-sy.

Well actually, I still don’t know what to get them. :-P

(OK, I’m gonna take a nap now. I am super-tired!)


17th Oct 2010

I know. I’m no longer a baby. But I’m also not a girl. Not yet a woman.

Facing the adult world and the world of working is what I have to face now.

Our company (the company where I work, I mean) is having an event real soon (like in less than 2 weeks) so everyone’s really busy right now. There’s deadlines to meet, staff to train, meetings etc – So busy that I think my newly-straightened hair is turning into curls already. Time to get those insurance quotes real soon! LOL

Anyway, you will see lesser and lesser posts in this blog – until I’m not that busy anymore, of course. But at the time being, maybe I can only blog once or twice a week. :-(