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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

8 Days A Week

13th Oct 2010

Obviously, we only have 7 days a week, but I really wish we have 8! But anyway, that’s a song by The Beatles, in case you don’t know it. ;-P

So, I’ve been working hard lately that my last post in this blog was like…er… so many days ago. I’ve been really, REALLY busy. So far, I started this week in a not-so-good way.

1. I had gastric attack again. Took MC to rest at home.

2. Found out from an old friend that a friend’s sister went missing in Kota Kinabalu.

1. Still on MC because the gastric attack just wouldn’t leave me alone.

2. Received the bad news about the friend’s sister. Her body was found dumped at some bushes in King Fisher park. *sigh* What has the world turn into??

1. Back to work. Found out that my trainee has submitted her resignation. She’ll be around till Friday. OMG.. I’ll be back to square one – lots of work to do with no assistant!!! NOT my fault tho. She lives quite far from our workplace (she actually has to travel by cab and the commuter to get here!) But thank goodness my boss gave me a good news too. A new replacement is on it’s way – and it happened to be a cute guy! LOL (OK….we’ll see)

2. Some moola just arrived into my account – for some custom work I did previously. YAY! Some money to buy some engraved gifts for Christmas!!


Yet to come. Let’s see what Thursday have in store for me…. *fingers cross*

(Oh by the way, I have like tons of people to call tomorrow. There’s the Berjaya Hotel, Melia Hotel, etc) :-(

How to break your back

29th Sep 2010

By hand-washing your blanket, of course.

Well I thought it would be a good exercise since I spend most of my time sitting my butt on that comfortable chair in my office. The only thing that moves on my body during the day was my eyes, my hands (of course) and occasionally my mouth – to sip my plain water and to chew on mints. So I reckon doing hand-wash on the heavy blanket helps to burn some fat, yo?


It breaks the back, I tell you. And it doesn’t help much that there are no bathroom fans in my bathroom that almost left me breathless while I was in between life and death dealing with the heavy blanket and with what little air I have (the ventilation was quite bad), I thought I was gonna pass out!

So take my advice – send your blankets to the laundry service next time!

Oh, on a lighter note.. I think I’ve began to develop a fetish for post-its. I noticed that a colleague of mine had a small brown post-it this morning and I went gaga over it – leaving my colleagues to doubt my sanity. But who cares? I’m buying myself more post-it from now onwards! Here’s my latest target:

Oooooohhh I’m so excited I feel like a 6 year old again!!! ^______^

It’s a Ho-Ho-Holiday!

16th Sep 2010

Happy Malaysia Day!!

I’m so glad Sept 16th is finally a holiday nationwide! Altho it should fall on a Friday so I’d get another long weekend, I’m still thankful that I didn’t have to go to work today! YAY.

I guess I’ve been mentally exhausted from my work that the word design and deadlines were the last thing I wanna hear for today. lol. I spent the whole afternoon taking a nap and wakip up to the sound of some TV show along with laughter from my brother’s room. And the first thing I did (after a glass of milk, of course) when I woke up was to turn on the computer and play some games, especially this:

My Frontierville family! :-D

That’s me, my husband and my daughter. And our little porcupine pet. I wanted to add another son but we’re not allowed to do so, yet. Well, probably it’s the best. Having one child alone is too much to handle. I kept losing her somewhere in the woods!

Let’s talk about the weather here in KL. Whoa! Sangat panas! I tried to go green by not turning on any AC of the fan – it’s like the best fat burner, you know when you sweat in the heat? lol. But…. of course, it’s too hot. I lost the battle and I turned on the fan..

Anyway, allow me to go back to my Frontierville. There’s so many quests and work to catch up!



11th Sep 2010

My life has been really busy with work stuff that while everyone was out enjoying their Hari Raya holidays, I was working — at home. I have a few projects to work on and the deadlines coming up real soon!

But as much as I had to stay back till late at night in the office almost daily, I still feel sane. LOL. My relationship with my partner has never been as great as it is now (probably the little time we get to spend with each other lately made the hearts grow fonder. Ha!) and I am learning to move faster than a bullet train when it comes to doing house chores.

Even managed to get online and bought some stuff for my table at the office:

The office supplies boring, yellow-colored POST-ITs, so I figured some colorful POST-ITs wouldn’t hurt! I like my table to be colorful and lively – like me! :-P Of course, these are my own stuff and I wouldn’t claim it from the management – unless they’re willing to pay for it! LOL

Anyway, back to work again before we start preparing dinner – which is soon!

Hello, Mr. Job

5th Sep 2010

After 2 weeks of honeymooning at home, I’m finally going back to the working class group. As much as I love wearing the apron at home, cooking dinner for my loved ones – I still love waking up early in the morning to get ready for work.


Tho it’s going to be a Monday-Friday job, I don’t think I’d have the time to work on custom graphic and blog design anymore. My day job itself involves A LOT of graphical and PR works that I plan to spend my weekend totally for my family time. :-)

But who knows? I might have some time to work on custom orders on Saturdays.

With all the upcoming busy schedule, I wonder if I’d have time for my run and power walks? I know that my job would need me to stay back at the office quite often, so when will I have the time to exercise?? It’s not like there’s a gym nearby.. unless I go for a rapid detox maybe? I heard that detoxifying your body with a careful choice of food for a few days really works in cleansing the body – and at the same time making you lose some weight. (Of course, I’m not talking about detoxifying myself from drugs! oh no!)

Perhaps tomorrow I’d ask my new colleagues if they’ve heard of such rapid detox. Maybe I wouldn’t need that much of exercise afterall.. Hmmm