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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

i love shaklee esp

28th Jan 2016

I am proud to announce that I am once again, a Shaklee user. I’m also an independent distributor for Shaklee! Yay.

If you need any Shaklee products, please do not hesitate to contact me. Special discounts if you mention the word *wink*


moment like this

3rd Jul 2015

one of my favorite day is a rainy day. there’s something so calming and peaceful about the rain. imagine my happiness when i woke up to a grey sky and cool breeze?


i don’t even care that my freshly laundered clothes won’t dry in this weather. *Ü* i’d take the rain anytime over hot, sunny weather – that’s because i dislike the heat! rainy days like this? it’s a perfect time to open up the window a lil and start painting. if inspiration wouldn’t come, i can always try out singing with those analog software thingy my fiance had in his macbook.

but as of now, i’ll be enjoying the sound of the rain while i try to paint.

The cough’s getting worse..

22nd Oct 2013

While I’m still under the influence of the cough syrup (lol), here I am, sitting at my work station still working on a few design requests. I can honestly say that THIS week is my most busiest week ever! I have 2 birthdays & an engagement coming up ALL this weekend: so can you imagine the amount of design works I have to complete in THIS week alone? Can die, I tell you! lol

There’s another birthday coming up next week.

But all’s great. I am not gonna complain. When God decides to give me grace, I will humbly accept it with an open heart and open arms. Who knows, if this amount of work continues, I may be able to get myself some jewelry for Christmas. *hee*

That said, I gotta go back to work before the cough med starts kicking in and make me fall asleep on my desk out of a sudden. Oh by the way, I’m working on a few great character for today’s project. I’m sure every one of you know this little girl:


Enjoy your day, everyone!