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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Bloom where you are planted

21st Sep 2013

Early this year, after a series of disappointments in life, I dreamed of an angel. In the dream, he/she conveyed some messages to me and one message that I could share with you all is of the request he/she asked me of.

I was asked to make my balcony more colorful. By colorful, I meant flowers.

Of course, I did as I was asked, but no thank you to my sometimes-not-green-thumb.. most of the flowers that I planted died after a few months. They were blooming with beautiful flowers, yes, but just for a few months. And then they’ll die. If you come over to my apartment right now, you won’t be seeing lots of flowers at the balcony. Instead, you’ll be greeted with spring onions, tomato, sayur manis, kasturi and a few pots of Sabah snake plants. Ha! Nothing colorful about that, but, like my friend Helen used to tell me, “I am planting vegetables all around my house now because I don’t eat flowers.” You know she’s right.

Now that I am going through another disappointment in life (lol), I have since began planting flowers at the balcony. This is my latest pot with flower seeds I got from the supermarket – CKS (Chua Kah Sing).


Sad to say, it’s been 4 days and still no signs of seedlings, except for a small earthworm that I saw coming out from the soil yesterday… Thank goodness I did NOT see it when I was filling up the new pot with the soil. Even with a pair of hand gloves, I would still freak out and scream like a mad woman if I see an earthworm. Let alone touching it! Another lesson learned: pure soil (this one is from my dad’s kampung) WILL contain earthworm. (and earthworm is good for the plants). Anyway, there goes my RM2.80 hard-earned money! Lesson learned again: buy only seedlings from the nursery.

Looks like I would have to go visit a nursery tomorrow to get some new flower seeds. Who knows this time it will grow. And once I make my balcony colorful again, maybe Lady Luck will come visit and give me a pot of gold. I will then have enough money to travel and buy more washi tapes. Then I’ll fly with my parents and loved ones, taking endless photos with them and maybe buy more washi tapes!

With God’s blessings, I can achieve all that. In fact, He has already sent me some help this afternoon, even before I have blooming flowers at the balcony.

God is good.

A Time To Design

15th Jul 2013

It’s been a hectic month. With a wedding (not mine!) coming up and a few design requests still pending, my “Task” file is filling up quick!

Time check: 1:50 a.m.

I just completed a new blog design for a client from Sarawak. Finally! The late nights are paying off. lol. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything else to say right now but, “Thank you, Lord …for another chance to share my passion with another blogger.” Here’s a peek into the new blog:


The lady (or The Mistress) of the new blog design has not seen her new blog, so it’s just not nice to post her new blog design over here. I’ll post the screenshot once she has viewed it. Probably tomorrow. :-)

As of now, I am going to bed.. My flu is turning from bad to worse already. :(

Kenangan Terindah

17th May 2013

Samson’s song ‘Kenangan Terindah’ is one of the song that could make me emotional.. This song reminds me of the days at my old working place. I miss my old colleagues. I miss the friendship. I miss the old life. I miss my old me. :( Of all the places I’ve worked, THAT was THE BEST colleagues I have ever had! We talk, we laugh and we cry all together. Ha ha ha.. cheesy, huh? But it was awesome. And it was them who introduced me to Indonesian song. As my fiance like to call it, “macam suara ada selipar dalam mulut” – which I think is true LOL – but admittedly, the songs are awesome!

Like Samson’s Kenangan Terindah!

My colleagues and I used to sing this song over Karaoke and had so much fun with it. Makes me wanna enroll in a guitar-playing class so I could strum guitar and sing this song. *hee*

Maybe I should do that. That.. and my violin lesson. lol

Oh, look at the time!

13th Mar 2013

Time check: 1:30AM

Just completed another blog design project – FINALLY! Gosh, it’s been a while since I last post in my blog. I kind of miss it but I feel like I’ve lost touch with the world of blogging… maybe I had too many things to do offline, hence the lack of postings. But anyway, I’m like, reeeeeeeeally tired so I don’t think I’m gonna post a screenshot of the new blog design tonight. But it (the blog) will be online soon! Of course, you will see it announced over here as well.

Time check: 1:32AM

OK, gotta get off this computer, turn the lights off and jump on my not-so-comfy bed. Speaking of bed, I’m in need of a new bed!!!! Anyone care to send some money to my PayPal? I’ll mention your name in my daily Rosary…. *heeee*

new year, new theme

18th Jan 2013

Yes lah! Finally got my theme up. I like this theme, like, really like it A LOT. Most probably, I’m gonna use this for years. Like, many years.

Like, yay! :P