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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!


11th Jan 2013

This theme will be the theme for this blog for the time being. I’m still working on the actual theme, so..

And by the way, the snow stays! :D

In which I started exercising

10th Jan 2013

I joined the gym early last year and stopped mid year. Didn’t achieved my target weight, just that I got lazy. Too lazy. I seriously think that ‘laziness’ is a kind of epidemic. A kind of sickness that’s really hard to beat. I probably need to do some split urine test to make sure that it’s not from the medicine I take each month during period.

But anyway, to start the year 2013, I am back to my exercise regime. In fact, I have lost 0.6kg in a span of 2 days! lol

I believe that by looking at my fat self on the mirror and photos everyday, I will ‘shame’ myself to skinny. I HAVE TO! I want my old body back!! It’s hiding somewhere inside me…

And by the way, look who’s all grown up now. Ha ha ha!


Still in the mood of Christmas..

3rd Jan 2013

I know there’s still snow and Christmas images in this blog. I just love Christmas and so I’m letting them stay.


Truth is, I am working on a new theme for this blog. New Year bah… so wait for it! *hee*

Life is beautiful

29th Dec 2012

Ohhh what beautiful morning today is!

I am posting this from the comfort of my mom’s chair at the dining table, surrounded by everything I love – my loved ones, my pets, my home, my parents’ house. It’s so peaceful over here. I can turn my head for the view at every corner and still seeing luscious greens all around. There’s the rambutan tree at the backyard. There’s also the bush of very nice smelling ‘Pandan’ leaves. And then there’s the coconut trees, mangoes, coconuts, lime, starfruit.. you name it! Also, if you are the type of person who’s into jungle trekking or outdoors – there’s a 7-storey waterfall located about 30 minutes walk from my home. Yeah, it’s THAT cool over here. *hee*

This place is also a very good place for those who are retired from work or those who are soon-to-be retired from work. I bet you, combined a piece of land and some money – you can have a paradise of your own over here! If you’re in need of some financial aid, there’s complete details at for you. Because I tell you, once you’ve experienced the life over here, you will totally want to live here! :)

Now I’m back to doing my daily Yoga routine.


Happy 12.12.12

12th Dec 2012

Everyone’s saying it, so here I am, saying it too.

HAPPY 12.12.12

The next time I say “HAPPY 12.12.12” – I will be.. probably in heaven. No more working late at nights, searching business cards online design for a client who insists on meeting me to present him a simple business cards template and all that stuff. lol.

So what’s so special about this date? Everyone seems to be talking about it on Facebook. A cousin once told me that getting married on a double number like that doesn’t sound nice – it resembles ‘double’ – like, getting married AGAIN. For the 2nd time, next time. Ha ha ha! Well, that’s what she said. If you ask me, I think the number’s really nice – only that I did not do anything special on this beautiful date. Worked my butt off trying to get all my orders complete despite the terrible stomachache I have. And oh, I also took a nap in the evening because of the stomachache. Now here I am, posting this on my blog while listening to Christmas songs on online radio, trying to relax my mind even tho I am starting to get REALLY annoyed with my dog who keeps coming to me, rubbing his paw on my leg asking for gawd knows what! I gave him a bone. I gave him fresh water. I tried talking to him.. and he still does that!!!

…He’s doing it again right now!

Okay, I really gotta stop typing and give my dog some attention.


Oh by the way, I baked some Christmas cookies last night.


…with some edible glitters too! Yay! :D