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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

You better watch out, better not pout..

29th Nov 2012

Just about a couple of weeks left before C H R I S T M A S!!

Have you started your shopping list yet? I haven’t! Sooooo many work to do that I haven’t started a LIST too. Weeweeeeweeee! :( But thank goodness that I have actually started to buy a few stuff online since months ago – just to be sure that I’ll have some of the items I need for Christmas. Once such as paper straws …

I must also remember to buy lots and lots of velcro tape this year. Last year, we seemed to have ran out of tapes at home. Well, not this year! This year, I’ll come prepared. He he he.

Here’s wishing you a lovely day and a shorter Christmas list to go. :P

What’s up?

28th Jul 2012

Since (soft) launching the new division of Kastumized Kreation (a local business setup by my brother and his partner) and being the owner and the person in charge for that new division.. life has been so busy, busy, busy for me. Not only I have pending designs I have yet to work on, I also have a long list of things to do for the new.. division. Maybe some of you have known about the new project I’m working on. For those who do not know of it, yet, I will make a so-called announcement la kunun soon.. *hee*

In the meantime, I think I need to get myself a new work bench to put some stuff on it. A table might not be a good idea, since my home-office is kinda small. Maybe when the business grow bigger then I’ll be able to move into a much bigger office with lots of space – and bigger table!

*fingers cross*

Always on Sunday

3rd Jun 2012

Such a beautiful Sunday. It wasn’t as hot as it usually is.

After church, my fiancé, myself and my family had our meal at Kenny Rogers. Later, we went window shopping which ended up with 2 of us buying stuff we did not plan to buy. And I am happy to announce that it was NOT me. Ha ha! Tho I almost couldn’t resist buying that ROXY flip-flop if it wasn’t my dad who kept reminding me how expensive it was. -_-”

Seeing my sour face, Mr smarty-pants (ze fiancé) whispered, “You should get them online. Much cheaper..”

Maybe I’ll do just that. :-P

What was supposed to be a few hours of window shopping trip took a whole 5 hours! If it wasn’t for the thought of the dogs back home that might be starving already..we wouldn’t be back this early. And of course, there’s this talent competition to be judged by ze fiancé later tonight. There’s this KK Jazz Fest coming up soon and a few bands are competing for the spot to perform at the fest. Myself of course, will be joining ze fiancé – but not as a judge, merely as a penyibuk. Ha ha ha!

Well, gotta stop typing to make way for afternoon nap.

Before I go, here’s wishing you a great Sunday….so far!

{} TwoPear Logo

2nd Apr 2012

So the weather has been like yo yo these past few days. Sekejap hujan, sekejap panasssss! (sort of translated to: ‘one moment it rains, then it turns scorching hot!) I’m beginning to think that my blonde hair doesn’t make any difference (despite not being black and absorbing heat. ha ha!) Maybe I should return to being a brunette. But my hair’s already in a deep-fried situation. Hmm. Maybe just wait till I finish that whole jar of hair-mask and see if it do any good, then only I’d consider dying (as in ‘dye’ .. not comitting suicide!) them.

In the meantime, I’ll stay blonde with some brunette already growing at the roots. Fugly. But who cares. I still make money nonetheless. *hee*

Presenting me latest design work.

A logo.

For a new jewelry in the USA.


And speaking of new design, I wonder when I can start working on my new blog skin. I’m so sick of my current blog look! I need more time so I can finish everything and start working on my own blog! >______<

Some things are worth buying

29th Mar 2012

Just got back from watching a movie with my sibling and man. We watched ‘The Lorax’. Yeah.. we were pretty left behind these days with the movies, given the busy schedule we live nowadays. But it was the first movie we watched since moving back here.. and it was an awesome experience! First of all, there were only 8 of us (me, my sibling, my fiance and 5 other patrons) in the whole wide room: 8 of us laughing and 8 of us eating popcorns. (well I guess the other patrons were having popcorns as well..) I wish we could go over and share our foods with them like I did back in the West, when there were 4 of us in the room. LOL

So the movie Lorax. It was a great movie, educating us humans on how important trees are.

Do you love trees?

I do.

I remember as a child, my parents had to chop off this tree at our backyard because it was tilting towards our home from the hill (could fall on our house anytime, my mom said) and there I was, feeling sad and angry for having to witness the ‘killing’ of a tree. I wanted to scream and stop them. I didn’t feel like talking to them after. Of course, it was for the safety of our family and I was just too emotional with the tree chopping. Now a grown up girl, I would LOVE to have my house surrounded by beautiful trees. But I couldn’t. It impossible to have a tree in an apartment! So what did I do? I buy potted plants of course. It’s not a lot, but I’ve got a few pots already. Currently, I’m sowing a few Aristotle Basils in my pink pot and I can’t wait to see them grow beautifully! The seeds are quite pricey (got it from eBay, of course) but it’s cheaper than getting a djarum. Besides, it’s so much healthier. *wink* Wish me luck in my green finger endeavor. :-P

Also, I’d like to share a photo of my idol with everyone today.

That’s Cristina Vujnich. My idol. I have her photo on my computer. I have her photos on my noticeboard. Now I have her in my blog! ;-D

She’s hot! Kaaaan?