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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Eat this!

23rd Feb 2012

So today is the starting day of Lent. Less food eating, more praying. Ngam kaitu?

Got the ash on my forehead yesterday at St. Thomas Church, Kepayan. We got there half an hour earlier and only to find that it was packed with people and there was no seat left! For the first 15 minutes we were standing, my fiance was already complaining. 20 minutes later, I complained how painful my legs are. Then we poked my sister’s back.


“We’re leaving.”

“But we just arrived like 20 minutes ago?!”


So we I forced myself to take the pain, took my lavender-colored hand fan out of my bag and start fanning myself. It’s burnin hot, yo! Anyway, I must say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the choirs of St. Thomas Church, Kepayan. They have awesome song arrangement and beautiful voices (tho there are some salah gitar code at some certain songs, but all is forgiven!) and great choice of hymns. Me loike! Oh! I also love the fact that they used a piano (using a keyboard) for most of their hymns. Sooooo nice. Thumbs up for your guys and girls at St. Thomas Church, Kepayan. :-)


I know it’s the month of Lent and we’re supposed to humble ourselves, be kind, pray always and all that goodie stuff.. but I think it’s not so wrong to show off a bit of a design work that I did last week. I made a custom design blog!

What do you think, nice kah? I’m open to criticism (yang membina). :-P But if you think it’s nice, then, THANK YOU! *hee*

Oh! Just so you know.. we managed to go through the whole session of Ash Wednesday mass. I sang ALL of the hymns and we left the church after the mass ended.

God bless.

Knockin’ on heaven’s door..

9th Feb 2012

For whatever reason, I’m beginning to pray as often as I could again. Maybe because I’m close to broke, maybe it’s just a New Year resolution thingy, or maybe… I am regaining my faith again. I wish I knew the exact reason for it.

Last night I was up late, working on some designing work that could earn me a few bucks, maybe even spare some changes to get them ralph lauren coupons for Christmas. I swear to God I heard ‘something’ at the door. Even the puppy looked puzzled and angry when it happened. I really should move to another apartment!

Currently working on this:


My laptop is sadly demised. Maybe it was her ‘spirit’ that came to visit, since she never said her goodbye before ‘leaving’ away with my greatest possessions with her: my collection of beautiful (purchased) fonts, work portfolio, graphic elements, PS brushes etc. *sigh* This is the reason I’m broke and started to pray. My laptop died so a replacement is urgently needed for my piling graphic design works. :-( Anyway, I’m posting this blog post from my new desktop. *hee* I opted for a desktop instead of a laptop because I think it’s better for my graphic design activity. And since I just hit a new project with one of the dept (Govt Dept).. I’ll be making some extra $$$! Maybe I’ll get a brand new laptop with that $$$!!

Or save them in ASB.

Maybe get a new iPad.

Or just save them in ASB for rainy days.

Maybe get a brand new iPhone4.

or just save in ASB.


It’s hawt in errre…

5th Feb 2012

Sabah is very hot. KK is very hot. And no, I’m not talking about the girls. We all know how hot Sabahan girls are.. no doubt about that! *wink* I’m referring to the weather.

Oh God. One can die over here. If there’s no such thing as the air-cond in this world, I think I would’ve died a month ago. It is THAT hot! Well maybe it’s not as hot as the desert, but STILL. It’s not good for my hair! And skin, for that matter. Can you imagine what it would about like to have a cold, freezing weather in Sabah? Picture me (or yourself) on the heated mattress pad, sipping margarita, watching reruns of Desperate Housewives all day long while the man complains about not having enough food on the table. LOL.. what a scene it would be.

So yeah.. a nice cold weather would be nice for us KKians.

Rain God, could you please send us some rain?


Sunday blaberring..

15th Jan 2012

Hot, sunny afternoon. I feel like baking a rainbow cake, or at least try a new recipe: cheesecake maybe. But the only thing I have in the kitchen that could bake a cake (or make a cake) is the oven. The one oven that used to sit in my mom’s kitchen doing nothing but bake cakes once a year – during Christmas, that is. Now it sits in MY kitchen, doing nothing. That poor oven. I’m gonna need more than an oven to bake a cake. I need ingredients. A cake mixer. Yes, I really need a cake mixer. Can someone send me one, if you’re not using it anymore? Ha ha!

Anyway, my sister suggested to me that we should sign up for the Mount Kinabalu climbing expedition come February. “There’s a promo going on!”, she said. Uhm.. first of all, I’m not THAT fit. Yet. Second of all, I do not have all the equipments or clothes for that. Most importantly.. I do not have that enthusiast, yet. Maybe when I’m done with my 30 Days Shred, I will consider it.

Anyway..’s so hot today. Anyone for ice-cream? Let’s head to the beach!

Piles of boxes: me no likey :(

28th Dec 2011

Our boxes of stuff from KL arrived on the day we’re supposed to start our journey drive back home – and 13 big boxes of them! What a blessing! Well, sort of. Blessing coz I get to use all the new IKEA stuff I packed in one of them boxes. Not really a blessing because we left a huge mess in our apartment before leaving for my parents’ home: we had to open up a few boxes with a box cutter to find some stuff coz we couldn’t remember which box stores what. LOL

But to sum it up, I’m really glad our things finally arrived safely. No box went missing and no items were stolen too, as far as I can tell.

Merry Christmas, everyone. :-)