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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Home for Christmas too early

5th Dec 2011

We’ve finally settled in our new home! Huaaaaa… so many things to do, so little energy. There’s the phone line and Internet to be applied and fixed, cable TV, arranging of stuff.. bla bla bla. But the first thing that comes to mind was “I want to paint the walls with new paints!”

Of course the paint on the walls are brand new but I’d like to have something different. Something that reflects ‘me’. He he he. And this time, I WILL turn this house into something sweet. *fingers cross* I don’t care what my fiance will say, too girlish, too soft.. he will have to take it or leave it. LOL.

Oh dear, I need to do so many things but we’re still car-less. Waiting for my aunt to come over now.. we’ll be using one of her car until our car arrives. In the mean time, I guess I would have to start cleaning the house since we do not have any Internet access to use those free downloader to get new movies. LOL. But thank God for broadbands la. At least I get to go on the Internet still!

I want to be a Graphic Designer AGAIN!

25th Nov 2011

The last time I got my job offer letter that stated ‘Graphic Designer’ was like a couple of years back and boy, did I really enjoy holding that post. Late night stay backs, brain-storming meeting, lunch on the desk while searching for an inspiration, handling fussy clients etc..

Then I started to work from home as a freelance before venturing into something totally different. A job that requires me to work at night. NOT as a kupu-kupu malam, ok?! :-P

Anyway, now that we’re moving to another state again..I’d like to start anew. I want to be a Graphic Designer again!! So boys and girls, please start sending in your graphic design/blog design requests again starting JANUARY 2012! *hee* I’m moving on December and I need to setup my studio again, get some humidor and some pretty decent decoration, new paint for the walls and probably a brand new computer. I can’t wait!!

I’ll be home for Christmas..

22nd Nov 2011

You bet!

Normally, I’d play Christmas music at the beginning of December. This year, I started playing it mid November. I’m feeling so Christmassy, perhaps? *hee* Also, maybe the fact that my fiance just got a very good job offer from this huge company and that we’re moving soon – just made my day. (or month!) And despite the hassles of packing stuff (again), I am glad to know that THIS could be the final packing I’ll make – except when we buy our new home and have to move again lah..

And the thought of being at home for Christmas is just so nice…. Being surrounded by the people that you grow up with, a pet that thought she’s human like us..and a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone! Oh I hope there’ll be weddings coming up! Last year we celebrated the grand wedding of my cousin, Will..and boy, did everyone had so much fun! I should’ve gotten his new wife a sexy wedding lingerie and make her wear it on her hens night! LOL

Oh well, hopefully there’ll be another cousin getting married this Christmas – I sooo cannot wait to eat some wedding cakes! Ha ha ha

Rain, rain, go away

22nd Sep 2011

I guess when Bobby Vinton said, “rain rain go away, come again some other day..” — he meant it. Boy, did he really meant it!

I was still in my sarong, surfing the Net (ok, I lied. I was on Facebook playing The Sims Online) when I heard the rain began to drop their happy tears on the car porch. I knew it! It’s gonna rain again when my clothes are still trying their best to dry themselves outside. But worse, I have this black nose strip thingy on my nose still about to dry as well. What am I gonna do??! Run outside to take my clothes dressed like this? Well let’s see: a sarong, messy hair and a black thingy on the nose. Yeah, sounds like a crazy woman.


Having no choice, I ran outside to pick my poor clothes. And then it happens.

The rain stopped.


You sure know how to poke fun at me ya, Mother Nature? I was so mad, I wanted to scream and run around the neighborhood (but I was afraid I might get knocked down by those boys in the bike that even the roadside assistance club might not be able to help). So what I do?

Nothing lah.