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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Pop Quiz: Are you getting married soon?

19th Sep 2011

1. It was a lovely weekend. An old college mate dropped by with his girlfriend – who happened to be celebrating her birthday. So off we go to a happy weekend get-together for a beer fest.

2. Pop came the question of, “So..what age did you turn today?” “29”, came the reply. Aha! It’s the age where people will start asking that dreaded question – “When are you gonna settle down?” I have a feeling that we’re gonna be bestfriends soon. LOL

3. And also, to be honest, I am really sick of that question myself. I am actually thinking of a better answer whenever I get that on my face, but what? Tell them until I get them artcarved wedding bands, I refuse to settle down? Hah.

4. And then I got really tipsy and did something I shouldn’t.

Shhh.. pretend I never said anything. I don’t even wanna talk about it!

Oh dear…

Moving, yet again?

16th Sep 2011

So we shifted house, again. Twice in this year alone. Such a tiring activity, I tell you! If it weren’t for the shifting, we would never know how much rubbish we have at home. Well, we’re kind of like a mini hogger – which reminds me of those people I saw on Oprah where some of them have like a room full of empty boxes and stuff alone! So hmmm… perhaps it’s time to clean up those things and get rid off them once and for all.

We took the 2 stray cats along with us as well. Such naughty little things. Amidst the mess and boxes around the hall, you’d find 2 cats (1 is pregnant, and another small kitten) jumping around from boxes to boxes, scratching every possible plastic bags and rugs – eeeee…!! Shall I post some stanchions around the house so they’ll know their boundary?! I’m going crazy with all these stuff lying around the house!!

Pursuit of Happyness

4th Sep 2011

One must agree, that everyone’s searching for happiness in this world. You, me, your neighbor, your cousins, your friends – everyone. But is happiness that easy to find?

I guess the answer lies upon yourself. How you see happy and sad might not be the same with how others see it.

Recently, we received news from a mutual friend that she’s pregnant – out of wedlock. Well, of course we’re happy for her, but silently, we’re sad and feel sorry for her. At such a young age, she’s about to waste her youth of taking care of herself and her baby. She seems to be happy with her pregnancy, but at the same time, she was sad that her mother does not seem to bother much about it. Happiness? I don’t know.

What we could do is to tell her that we are “celebrating your newborn“. Yes, she is due in a couple of month’s time. We wish her nothing but all the best in her life. Perhaps a new baby would change her life and giving her true meaning of happiness. :-)

Going crazy

17th Aug 2011

Worry not, mom. I’m still sane.

It’s just that.. that little Maple Story Adventure game on Facebook is driving me crazy!

I reached home from work around 4 in the morning today. After shower, I went straight to my computer to play this game. And since the man is not feeling too well, we skipped the morning jog and I continued playing this game…..till 9AM!! This is crazy, I tell you..

I play this game at work as well, playing and working in between. Well, mostly work when the energy level of my toon went down. Ha ha ha!

I probably should take a nap now with some mud mask on. Don’t wanna look too tired for work today…

What’s the story, morning glory?

8th Aug 2011

I was at a friend’s house recently for a small BBQ party. The first thing I noticed when I entered their home was the piano! Ohhhh… that beautiful piano I’ve been wanting for (but couldn’t get one because they are so expensive – and the fact that I couldn’t play one but am planning to get a class someday!). That beautiful, beautiful, black piano. Oooohh.. someday I am SO gonna get me one of that.

Back to the story, after noticing the piano, I also noticed that they have this beautiful family photos arranged nicely on their walls, sort of like those photo frame wall collage thingy. It was so neat and lovely to look at! Made me think of them collage I made back home at my parents’ place. Maybe I’ll take some photos to show you of the collage I made when I go back home soon.

And oh, on another note, I have a current addiction – for game. *hee* I’m currently playing FB game again! This time, it’s the MapleStory Adventure. All thanks to Massy lah…. I saw the link on her FB, I clicked… and I got addicted. I don’t feel like going to work today coz I just wanna stay at home and play!

I’m playing my dog’s FB account now… coz my character ran out of energy! :-P