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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!


14th Jul 2011

“So when are you going to settle down? You know, your age is catching up.. it would be difficult for you to conceive in future..”

Advice? Yes. Concerned? Probably. But try getting the same advice from the same person over and over again. And I mean, every time you see that person. Does it still sound like an advice or a concern?

To be honest, it gets through my skin and down to the nerves whenever she utters those words. Since when does my status becomes your main concern? So what if I decided to stay single my whole life? Habis kah beras di rumah kau??! Heck, we’re not even so closely related!

Like I told Jaya last night, she is SO super annoying. The next time she said the same thing to me, I’m gonna answer, “OK, but hey, you need to change your hairstylist. Your hair’s super fugly.” Or “Yeap, will do. But by the way, where do you shop? You look super ugly and old in THAT dress!” Or maybe I can ask her to spend her free time reading about those adapexin reviews to gain some knowledge. Then maybe she’ll stop talking to me. Forever. Which is good!

Or do you have better suggestion?

Let’s Get The Party Started

18th Jun 2011

It’s 9:46 in the morning and I am still wide awake. Too much partying apparently is not good for me. Not only I couldn’t get my eyes to shut, my mind would roam wider than the best broadband Malaysia has ever had… my tummy, bless her, decides to collect all kinds of gas in her and gives me the best gift for a sunny Saturday like this: stomach ache.


Just when I thought I could party with friends on a lovely Friday night…. I guess that’s what happened if you mix cocktails, whiskey and beer at the same night. You’ll have a group of liquids wrestling in your stomach.

But I shall party again. Soon.

On weather

12th Jun 2011

Me: It’s really hot today!

Him: It’s been hot like this for the past 2 months.

Me: No, today’s so much hotter. It’s like living in steel buildings! You better start calling them air-cond service guys..

Him: Didn’t you get their number yet?

Me: Which one?

Him: The one at the entrance. At the gate. You know, the gate?

Me: Oh that. No. I thought we’d get it when we go out later.

Him: You said that yesterday.

Me: Oh well, let’s get the number tomorrow then.

Him: Yeah. Now turn the fan to the maximum speed.

Me: Will do!

(the conversation above has been repeated over and over for the past 2 weeks. the air-cond is still not functioning very well and we’re still turning the fan to the max on a hot afternoon)

Panda eyes, go away!

27th May 2011

Ever since I started working at night (bukan sebagai kupu-kupu taww), I noticed that the dark circles around my eyes are getting more and more obvious.

“Lack of sleep”, my colleague said. Probably… but most of the times, I sleep over 10 hours per day! So that’s probably not it.

“Lambat tidur bah kau”, said another. Uhmm, true. Since working at night, my sleeping pattern has changed from sleeping at night to sleeping in the morning. Like 6am – because I just couldn’t sleep! And because my fiancé seems to have a never-ending new DVD to watch!

Now the question is, how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes? I’ve tried SK II’s eye mask. I’ve tried Estee Lauder’s Night Eye Cream. I’ve tried CHANEL’s Eye Cream. Doesn’t work lah… Cucumbers pun doesn’t work. (FYI, cucumbers DO NOT remove black circles. They only give that cooling sensation. Itu jer..)

My current remedy is by using a concealer to conceal the dark circles. Temporary only, I know…. but do you know of a product that could work miracle?


My new secret fantasy

25th May 2011

For the past 30 (something) years of my life, I never thought of having a bag that would cost me more than RM1k above, nor did I ever dream of wanting to have one, despite having a few close friends who owns at least a Gucci or an LV bag in their collection. I always thought that spending over RM1k for a bag is just.. a waste.

Until I saw Coach’s Poppy collection!

I instantly fell head over heels in love with it! Now, I don’t wanna sound hypocrite but I WANT them Poppies!!!!! I know they’re expensive and whatnot.. but hell, words canNOT express the kind of loving feeling I have for them. I was over at Coach (Sunway Pyramid) this morning, in search for my new love, Ms Poppy. But to my disappointment, they’re nowhere to be found… Thank goodness for the Internet. We can always buy have a look at things in photos for free. :-P

And if I weren’t saving my money for something else, I would’ve hit “Buy” to purchase the Poppy bag, but reality hits me: Unless I’ve been giving out my business postcards to every person I know, I cannot afford to get the bag, yet.

Perhaps in a month..or two? Or after I get me the bracelet from Tiffany & Co? Ha ha ha

(a girl can only dream wat, right??)