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I’m a woman, hear me taaaaaaaaaalk!

Just Another Irritating Day

16th Jun 2006

Yes, that’s right. I got irritated again today.

My sleep was disturbed by my nose! :angry: Ahhh heck. I got the sinus again, and I couldn’t breathe through my nose. :(

Then when I finally could breathe (tho not properly), I tried to go back to sleep. And guess what? It rained again!!!! Ahhh.. :angry: It’s so irritating!! I have to run out and take my clothes that has been on the hanging line for 3 days! Rain, rain, rain and I’ll never get them to dry! Ahhh.. can’t we have sunny day at least for a day?!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

Blame It On The Rain

13th Jun 2006

I’d normally go to Pasar Malam (flea market) on Mondays.. It’s actually a habit of mine.

But it rained heavily. And I don’t wanna walk in the rain with an umbrella.. It’s too lady-like.

:*( No bubur chacha today. :*(

Down Memory Lane

11th Jun 2006

As I browse around the old files in my computer, I stumbled upon my old graphics. :cry: It brings back memories of those days, when I was crazy about drawing graphics day and night! I used to have this website called “Borneo Graphics” where I offered my graphics free for Personal website user. I also have a few Collections for sale AND custom made graphics. Well, I must say, I DID made a few $$ from there. :D But that’s not the whole point. I drew for fun as a hobby.

But that was in the past. I no longer draw that much and no longer offer graphics online. :( Tho I miss doing that so much, with all the current craze I found for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash MX (I’m learning them still!) etc, I couldn’t find much time to spare for drawing and updating them on a website anymore.

However, time will tell. I might change and develop a sudden craze for PSP drawing once again! ;)

I include here some of the few graphics I’ve made along those years..when drawing Country Graphics was my passion. :)

Ok, off I go. I have chocolate cake waiting for me on my table.. and it look sooOooOoo sinfully delicious! ;)

Royal Visit

10th Jun 2006

Oohh..we have a royal visitor. :) The Emperor and Empress of Japan arrived in Malaysia today. It’s their 2nd destination of their 3-nation Southeast Asian tour. The couples flew on a chartered plane from Singapore to Ipoh, and they have plans on meeting with the Sultan Perak.

Hmmm… I hope they’ll talk about the plans on building Disneyland in Malaysia too, because I, for one, are TOTALLY into the idea! I don’t wanna fly all the way to Hong Kong or US or Japan for Mickey, I want it to be over here!! I hope the plans are on! Go, go Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh! :D

World Cup Fever

10th Jun 2006

So, the World Cup have started. Bookies are the happiest now! heh.. If only I could understand the “beli bola” or whatever the term they use for the bettings, I’d probably be making some money too!

Oh yeah, this is yet another new blog of mine. (Yes, I switched blog AGAIN) I wasn’t very happy with my old ones.. I think I did very bad with the layout and theme there. :cry:

Hmm.. almost 7:00am, I need to sleep. I’m turning into a zombie already!!