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CNY in 1 Utama

5th Feb 2008

I think I’m in love with 1 Utama. Every celebration, they have beautiful displays going on at the main podium: different display each year, breath taking view every time. The Lunar celebration is just around the corner and 1 Utama presents yet another beautiful backdrop for photographers. :-P Maybe I can “steal” their idea for my home decoration for CNY next year. *teehee*



Even the stalls were nicely decorated

Beautiful, isn’t it? There were crowds of people taking photos with the displays, some were captioning the beauty, probably to “steal” the idea too. Hehehe..

I’m going back there tomorrow to buy some CNY food stuff.. probably get a few lanterns for my balcony too. :-) I’ll try to take photos of the stuff sold at the stall tomorrow too.. if I can remember. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the pics.

Oh ya, here’s a bigger picture of how the display looks like. (Click to enlarge)

Christmas In Kunak: Part 1

24th Jan 2008

(Warning: Loads of photos ahead)

Just sharing with you some photos we took during the recent Christmas celebration at our church in Kunak. Peek into our “kampung way” of celebrating Christmas! :-)

When we arrived, the “acara padang” (field game) had already started.
I was approached by the girls selling lucky draw tickets!!
(I bought like 20 tickets.. with the hope of winning at least a hamper. :-P)

I think this is when the kids get to run and pick candies scattered on the field.

Backward kick (aiming for the goal, of course)


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Christmas In Kunak: The Prep

22nd Jan 2008

Last Christmas, I had the opportunity to not miss my flight like how I did back in Christmas 2006. :-P And so.. you should understand the excitement I felt the moment I stepped into the land of Sabah^^

This is where I celebrated my Christmas 2007. In a mini chapel called St.Peter in Kunak.


The morning of our preparation day at the church, we had our breakfast in a coffee shop in Kunak before proceeding to the mini hall of our church. It was Hari Raya Haji and most of the coffee shops that we frequent were closed. After searching frantically for one, we finally found one (a Halal Chinese restaurant which I couldn’t remember the name) and settled in.

Daddy preparing his chili sauce. Something that runs in the family. LOL

After breakfast, we went straight to the church to help with the preparations. I was well-fed and feeling energetic enough, hence the extra power I gained to do this:

Lifting a gas cylinder from the back of my dad’s truck to the mini hall!

But of course…

I lied… :-P

At the church and mini hall, everyone was busy. Women’s League preparing the dishes, cleaning and cutting veggies, Parish Council members slaughtering the buffalo and the Youths were doing the rest of the job.

Mom joined the Youths in packing tidbits for the kids
(and she was the Parish Council chairlady -_-)

Christmas crib in the making.

while the church helper, Chu, mowed the lawn.

…and I thought he was a terrorist. :-P

By nightfall, everyone was tired and hungry. Aunty Wenah (our chief cook. hehe) invited us over to her house for her daughter, Heather’s birthday. Yay! Free makan! And most of all.. cake!!!!!!


Trust me, the cake was super-yummy! Homemade by my friend’s wife, Rena. I know, I know.. the mention of the word “cake” reminds you of “extra calories”: which reminds me of my “extra size” right now. LOL. But I tell you what. You CANNOT go on a diet during a month of celebration like Christmas. So it’s OK to gain a few inches during this time. Hahahaha!

And guess what? I had Baileys that night too..

After a hard day’s work at the church, it was great to have a few glasses of Baileys.

And today’s entry stops here. Because there wasn’t any photos after that Baileys session. Everyone was too busy eating and drinking. :-P

Foreign Beauty FTW!

12th Dec 2007

Look what I found in my mailbox:


Awarded by
to Cindy

Aaaaa.. this is so sweet! My blog RULES according to Shemah!! :-D

Thank you, thank you, sweetie. You’re such a candy friend, you know? I don’t know in what way did my blog rule, but it’s certainly nice to be acknowledged as one. *blush* Terima kasih ya!

Now everyone, go visit Shemah – the new hot momma in town!