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Christmas Eve (Blackmores Night)

30th Nov 2007

To celebrate the last day of November 2007,
I present to you one of my favorite Christmas song.

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Say goodbye to November
She must be on her way
The cold winds of December
Feel like they’re here to stay
Me, I’ll just count the snowflakes
As they start to fall
Getting lost in the beauty
The magic of it all

And our eyes filled with wonder
As the reindeer take to flight

It’s Christmas Eve
Bells will ring
Through the town we gather to sing
Christmas Eve has begun
Peace and Love to everyone

Light the festive candles
They’ll chase the shadows away
Gathering round the Yule log
With handfuls of holly
Winter winds will whisper
Through the shivering pines
Never have the stars looked brighter than tonight

Dear PapaJoneh..

3rd Nov 2007

You’re like a father uncle family to me.. and when I found out that I’ve missed your birthday, I was devastated! I can’t believe that I was so into the Harry Potter book that I’ve totally forgotten about your birthday! I guess I was quite sad on the ending of the Harry Potter sequel. :-(

So here I am, humbly, lowering my head to the floor, seeking for a forgiveness from you, O’ mighty PapaJoneh. As a way of saying “I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday”, I’d like to present you with these yummies (that I bought). Er.. didn’t have time to bake myself bah.

Vanilla cupcakes.
They cost RM4 each tau! No cheap stuff for PapaJoneh. *heehee*

Sagu bergula Melaka.
I’ve added extra gula Melaka too! ^_^

However, since I couldn’t mail them to you, I would gladly eat those for you, OK?

Here’s wishing you all the best for your “new age”. I’m guessing you’re…er.. about the age of 35? Ngam kah? Hehehehe..

Happy belated birthday, PapaJoneh. Many happy return and many more birthdays to come!

PS: I’m making bubur labu again later today. Want some ka? :-P

Remembering All Souls Day

2nd Nov 2007

“Why are you staring at those durians?”


“Do you want it?”

“No.. it’s ok, Nina. It’s too expensive..”

“Nothing is too expensive for my grand daughter.”


“No, that’s not the right way to fry a fish!”

“But I like it that way. I want it to be crispy!”

“You’re doing it the wrong way! Those fishes are going to end up on your plate without their skins..”

“I like the fish that way, ok?”

“I’m just teaching you..”


“You shouldn’t play with that dead fish. It used to be your pet!”

“I’m not playing with it. I’m cremating it.”

“Just bury or throw it away!”

“But I wanna cremate it..”

“Jagalah kau, hujan kuat kama kau bikin tu!”
(“Oh just you wait, it’s gonna rain heavily soon because of you!”)


“Nina, that purse is beautiful. Who got it for you?”

“Your cousin, Martina gave it to me. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“But.. Nina, it was ME who gave it to you..”

“Oh dear, it was you? I’m so sorry.. I couldn’t remember well these days..”


“Nina.. do you miss Moing?”

“Of course I do, dear… he was my husband..”

“I miss him too.. ”

“It’s ok. I will meet him again soon.”


Those were some of the many conversations I had with my late grandmama. A strict, traditional grandmother who would always keep an eye on everything we do. She would complain about the way I cook, the way I prepare my foods, the way I treat my dead pets.. she was always there to correct us.

She was also a very generous grandmama to her grandchildren. I have always been looking forward for her visit as a child, because not only she buys us gifts and toys, she’d give us angpow (money) too. I remember when I was about the age of 5, she gave me and my brother each a RM50 note, to buy candies she said. She was the one who bought me and my brother our first “car” and bicycle.

Oh dear, I don’t think I could continue writing about her today. My eyes are all wet and I’m already crying, just thinking of her. :-(


Nina, my dearest grandmama, I know you’re happily smiling, looking at me from heaven right now. I know that you know how much we miss you and still talk about you dearly. And on this special day, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that you were THE BEST grandmama I’ve ever had. Do send my love to Moing and Wendy over there too, will you please? :-)

Happy All Souls Day!

In loving memory of Mdm. Lojihing M.

PPP Blog of The Day (Woohoo!)

21st Oct 2007

5 PM and I just woke up. Am still feeling really, really yucky. If you read my personal blog, you’ll know that I’m currently down with fever, flu and cough. Heck.. I’ve even lost my voice! My body temperature is insanely warm, my throat felt really itchy with all the phl.. OK! I’ll spare you the yucky part. Hahahaha!

Mom & dad, if you’re reading this…you know me. I don’t really fancy seeing the doctor because I wanted to “train” my antibodi to be more stronger next time and not rely on medicine that much. But if I really can’t stand it, I will see the doctor. In fact, I have a feeling that I’ll see one tonight. Sucks to be me right now.. :-(

Aaaaanyway, have you heard??? :-P When I logged to my blog today, I was greeted with messages from Nessa and Ann saying that I’m PPP Blog of The Day! So of course, I logged in to PPP and found my little sumandak picture being displayed! Mwahahahahaha! Glamour la mangkali!!

Now if you’re a PPP member, you can login to PPP today and see my glamour little sumandak there. And imagine me saying this: I bah dat! LOL!!!!! Those of you who haven’t joined PPP yet, why not join today? Register at PPP now so you can see my little sumandak there. :-P

Boy, it really did made my day despite having this terrible cough, fever & flu. Thanks PPP for the cheering up. And thanks to all you kind people who have left me messages regarding me being featured as PPP Blog of The Day. Luv ya’ll! :-)

PS: Will blog hop when I’m feeling much better.

Selamat Hari Raya

13th Oct 2007

To all my Muslim family, friends and readers, have a blessed Aidilfitri! :D

PS: On the way to buy my dinner, I saw lots of houses decorated with Raya lighting. It was beautiful!! Wish I had my camera with me..