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Happy 12.12.12

12th Dec 2012

Everyone’s saying it, so here I am, saying it too.

HAPPY 12.12.12

The next time I say “HAPPY 12.12.12” – I will be.. probably in heaven. No more working late at nights, searching business cards online design for a client who insists on meeting me to present him a simple business cards template and all that stuff. lol.

So what’s so special about this date? Everyone seems to be talking about it on Facebook. A cousin once told me that getting married on a double number like that doesn’t sound nice – it resembles ‘double’ – like, getting married AGAIN. For the 2nd time, next time. Ha ha ha! Well, that’s what she said. If you ask me, I think the number’s really nice – only that I did not do anything special on this beautiful date. Worked my butt off trying to get all my orders complete despite the terrible stomachache I have. And oh, I also took a nap in the evening because of the stomachache. Now here I am, posting this on my blog while listening to Christmas songs on online radio, trying to relax my mind even tho I am starting to get REALLY annoyed with my dog who keeps coming to me, rubbing his paw on my leg asking for gawd knows what! I gave him a bone. I gave him fresh water. I tried talking to him.. and he still does that!!!

…He’s doing it again right now!

Okay, I really gotta stop typing and give my dog some attention.


Oh by the way, I baked some Christmas cookies last night.


…with some edible glitters too! Yay! :D

Ooh la la, another partay!

22nd Nov 2012

The man had his student over again for guitar lesson today. Of course, having a very.. I mean, overly-active dog at home (who messes the house every single day with his toys and stuff that he founds around the house) definitely adds some stress to me, especially when it comes to cleaning the house. In this case, we’re having a guest/student coming over so another round of house-cleaning is necessary. So stressful! I had to do everything quickly… Anyway, another lesson learned. Vacuum, sweep or mop the house hours earlier so I won’t be in stress again next time. :P

So, the student came over for a guitar lesson. I don’t understand a thing they’re saying. I heard the word “Major 7 scale”. I heard “diminish”. I also heard the word …uhm, nevermind. I forgot. :P I know the man’s teaching an advanced guitar class. That I know. lol. Also there was a lot of guitar-playing involved. Ada lagu si Satriani jugak kena demo. And all those while, Chiko and me were in the room, enjoying the chilling air-cond while I paint my nails, getting ready for tonight’s party.  The music wasn’t that loud tho.

So tonight. Another party. And I made a personalized ‘ang pow’ for my niece who’s celebrating her birthday tonight.

I hope she’ll like it.

It’s that time of the year again

3rd Aug 2012

…where people grow older, extra calories are consumed and money spent on gifts or dinner treat.

Yep, I am that. Older and about to be wiser. Ha ha ha!

Maybe I should consider going back to school and educate myself more on new, different field. Music maybe. Learn how to read those ‘taugeh’. Play any song from the chart. Heh. Can you imagine me carrying a messenger bags school everyday? Or rather, can I imagine myself doing that?

Time will tell.