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So I launched my new FB Page..

29th Jul 2012

…and if you have the time, drop by and say ‘Hi’!

It’ll be fun (and honored) to know if someone dropped by and tell me they found my page through my blog.


Happy Father’s Day!

17th Jun 2012

Daddy’s here for the weekend and I made him a cake – a quick, home-made pink cake. *hee*

I’m sure you noticed those little flags on the cake. Aren’t they so cute? :-D

Well, you can have them on your cake too: because I’ve made a printable toothpick flags of the same flag you see on the cake!! (I’m such a nice person, am I not? He he he) I’ve also included an empty flag that you can insert your dad’s name on.

Click here to get the mini flags

Now print away and go make your dad a beautiful Father’s Day cake.

PS: I made pink cake for my dad because I didn’t like the idea of having a blue cake. Ha ha

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan

1st Jun 2012

1 day late, but it’s never too late for everything bah, kan?

So I went to the Kaamatan bazaar with my family on the 29th and celebrated Kaamatan with the rest of the Sabahans on the 30th. It was sooo happening, I tell you! Despite the scorching hot sun, I managed to survived the heat and still able to walk and laugh in style. LOL

I love how the people of Sabah dressed in their traditional costume, dancing and enjoying themselves. I have to admit, I do not have their strength to do all that. Not in this hot weather. I can NOT imagine myself wearing a Kadazan costume, dancing and drinking.. I would’ve died of heat stroke! Maybe bagus lagi kalau baju Rungus. It’s sexy and more airy – but the accessories are damn heavy!

…but I love the Kadazan Papar costume!

I wonder if my family would allow me to wear Papar’s costume on my wedding day instead of a Kadazan Penampang or Rungus’ costume. Cantik bah!!! And since my aunt Zai insist that “You MESTI wear Rungus costume bah. Trust me, tidak lagi kau akan pakai tu sampai bila-bila..Kahwin saja you use.” ..maybe I’ll ask her to let me wear Papar instead. LOL

Oh, I heard that 6 vehicles has been stolen from those who parked outside KDCA? Kesiannya… bloody thieves punya kerja! Next time just bring a bike saja to KDCA. Maybe bikes are not as popular as cars/trucks to these thieves. *sigh*

Well, once again.. KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAZO DO KAAMATAN and GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI to all my readers/silent readers! ;-)

…and the wedding was a success!

22nd May 2012

I was home at my parents’ place for the weekend for a cousin’s wedding. Since he’s half Rungus, it was decided that he should have a Rungus-style wedding – and boy, it was awesome!

This is how his pelamin Rungus looked like:

The Rungus motif at the backdrop was done by *ahem*, me of course. *flutters eyelash* The rest of the pelamin was done by the rest of the family and relatives. It was hard work, but everyone enjoyed it!

I also get to use my long-abandoned freelance makeup artist service on that day. I worked my magic on FIVE women (SIX, if you include me) and I wasn’t tired at all! I still get to shake my booty after a few sips of tapai siopon. Bahhahahahha!

See if you can spot me :-P

For your info, I had a pretty top on during the wedding, but my brother made me change into the T-Shirt we’re selling. “Promotion bah..” he said. Oh well. Fine with me. And that wet spot on my shirt? It was the tapai! Aieeeeee.. I was made to drink and so I drank half-heartedly. But it was fun! Would do it again in a heartbeat.. LOL

When I was young I’d listen to the radio..

3rd Aug 2011

A few… no, many years back, my mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and she named her, Cinderella. (well I don’t know whose idea was it to name the baby ‘Cinderella’. It could be my mother, it could also be my father) Cinderella was born with a mole on her upper right lid and unlike most people with dimples, she was born with a single dimple. Still cute, nonetheless. Ha ha ha :P

To make stories short, her name has been shortened to Cindy but everyone at home called her with another name (that I won’t mention here). Due to privacy reason lah bah.

One Saturday morning, while she was in her bedroom, jumping on the bed with her friends, Lu Ting and Ah Wei, she noticed a figure standing in front of her. She couldn’t tell whether it’s a boy or a girl, but what’s obvious was that the figure, dressed in white with golden linings was smiling at her. And when she noticed that big, beautiful pair of white wings… she jumped out of the bed and ran towards her nina (grandmother). Upon telling what she saw to both her nina and mother, her mother ran into the room and touched the bed where Cinderella saw the figure. It was cold and smelled of sweet scents.

She never saw the figure again.

People said that if you’ve seen an angel, your life will be blessed abundantly. I’d like to believe that. I believe that God has blessed (and is still blessing) me and my family with abundance of grace, peace, love and happiness. Tho there are times when I feel like I am the most unlucky person in the world, He will send someone or something to prove that I’m wrong. :)

It’s my birthday today. My family is not around to celebrate it with me like when I was a child, but I can still feel the love like the first birthday I could remember celebrating. There might not be surprises waiting at the door (like a white cedar chest maybe), but their love is ALWAYS around me, birthday or no birthday.

Happy Birthday, me! ^_______^