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Back In K-Hell

5th Jun 2010

Ugh, back in Kuala Lumpur. After a week of fun, family, non-stop eating, lots of tuak and countless poco-poco, here I am, again…

Some of the things are still unpacked, especially those of my fiancé’s. He’s still in the resting mode after a week of sleepless night (one can barely sleep during Gawai!) so maybe it’ll take him (or me) a while to finish unpacking everything.

I’m 3 tones darker now, thanks to the boat trip. Ha! Ha! But it was fun! The only thing I need to concentrate right now is how to lose that extra weight I’ve gained in 1 week! I definitely need some best weight loss product love!

OK lah, will blog about the trip later. Right now, I have a pile of laundry waiting to be cleaned and a hungry tummy to feed.

Celebrate! Celebrate!

28th May 2010

Well this sucks. Just when I am about to go on a mini vacation with the family for Gawai, the flu bug came to pay me a visit.

>___________< My nose is stuck. My chest is heavy. My head is spinning. Thank you SO MUCH to whoever sent me this virus. If I know who you are, I'll send you a used motorhome as a Thank You gift. Along with a tag that says, "Bug You". Deep breaths, Cindy. Deep breaths.

Anyway, to all Sabahan & Sarawakian friends who’s about to celebrate Kaamatan and Gawai very soon:

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan


Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai

Maybe drinking lots and lots of tuak and eating ayam pansuh will cure this flu! lol

Happy New Year! (Day 2)

2nd Jan 2010

It’s January 2nd today. This is the day that I’m supposed to start my dreaded diet plans – well uhm, the diet is only supposed to be the plan to make me lose weight, it’s actually a good way to cleanse my system and assist in getting my gastric healed. So the plan is to eat VERY little meat (especially hard meat) and more porridge. lol

I don’t know if it’ll help much.. but hey, it’s the worth the try! It’s much better than having to depend on those best diet supplements only.. kan?

Back In KL And Sporting A Ring!

31st Dec 2009

Oh yeah, I’m back in Kay-Hell already after spending only a week in Sabah. :-(

Don’t ask me why the break was really short, coz it’ll only add salt to injury. BUT the good news is, I’m back with a ring on my finger.


Pardon me for the letter “D”. The cake went through a long journey to reach home and thanks to the bumpy road that leads to my kampung, it loses it’s grip on the cake. lol. But of course, we managed to fix it before the cake was presented to the gawking people who came for the engagement – I’m not really sure what they were gawking for. Is it the Superman & Supergirl outfit my fiance and I were wearing OR were they admiring the beautiful cake? For sure, nobody was thinking about instant term life insurance quotes at all. :-P

By the way, I designed the cake outlook and Deana made it into a reality – and a very good one too! And did I mentioned how YUMMY the cake was?! Everyone complained they couldn’t get enough of it – tapi cukuplah dapat sekeping kan? I also wanna save some cake for myself mah. Ha ha ha! (figurine on the cake was made by me and my brother. He made the male version – of Bunny and his Sapetar – and I made the awfully fat-looking female figurine)

OK, gotta make a move. Going out to celebrate New Year’s eve with my bestfriend, Tess and her partner tonight. And of course, my fiance will be joining us too!

Ahhh… it’s so weird calling him fiance now.. hihihihi!

6 More Days!

14th Dec 2009

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I probably will have nothing else to post/talk about in this blog but Christmas, Christmas.. and more Christmas.

Last year, my brother requested for a REAL Christmas tree (which is a problem if you’re residing in the areas of Sabah – or anywhere far away from IKEA – because they have like THE BEST real Christmas tree!!). To fulfill his wish, I had to drag my poor cousin to the site where you’ll find a lot of ‘pine’ trees. That fella had to do the chopping and dragging all by himself, because I didn’t want to get my nail polish chipped. :-P

And so, 2008.. we had the most pathetic Christmas tree ever!

Pathetic because there wasn’t a lot of twigs or branches for us to hang the ornaments. And the huge size of the gaps between the branches were not much of a help either. Well.. it wasn’t really THAT bad lah. The tree looked pretty cute on the first day we hung the ornaments. Come the 3rd day, everything started to fell off because the branches were dead and limping! The sight was so heartbreaking, I almost considered a health savings account.

Anyway, this year would probably be a better looking Christmas tree. Ha ha!