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Happy Easter!

12th Apr 2009

Hi all! Just a quick message to all my Christian friends out there.

I know, I know, it’s a card I made last year and I’m recycling it again this year. *teehee*
It’s good to recycle stuff you know… LOL

Well actually I really like this card, hence I use it again this year. Besides, I’m really caught up with a lot of stuff lately that I hardly have time to sit down and draw illustration or blog!

Enjoy your holidays, people. Go out and hunt them Easter eggs! :-P

Once again, have a blessed Easter everyone. God bless!

Gong Xi Fa Cai

26th Jan 2009

To all my Chinese uncles, aunties, cousins, relatives, friends and readers:

Gong Xi Fa Cai

May you have a happy, prosperous Ox year ahead filled with lots of blessings and good lucks from above. And to my family who’s enjoying a grand family Chinese New Year lunch over in Kudat – do remember me when you guys enjoy aunt Mary’s famous Biging!! I’m so kesian over here lah… Makan biasa-biasa saja. :-P

Enjoy your holiday, everyone. Don’t over eat so you could skip the diet pills this year. *wink*

Saturday Night Fever, Baby!

14th Dec 2008

Really. I catch a cold on a Saturday Night from last night’s Mini Sabahan Blogger’s Gathering. LOL!


No intro needed bah kan? You guys know who’s who sudah… right? :oP

I finally get to meet chegu carol and KadusMama!!!!!!! (and they were AWESOME)

My bestie, Tess, came along too. We were hungry people – I almost chocked on my fries when her sister said something that (obviously) made me laugh!

Well, that’s about all the photos I could share. If you wanna see more, do browse around the KL-based Sabahan bloggers who attended the party last night. I’m sure there’s a lot of my our pics out there!! >.< PS: Weii... who stole my dildo cigar last night?? It went missing from my table?!! Muahahaha!
(Anyway, thanks to Dan & Kay for treating us some free cigar! Weeeee!)


Small Talk: I bet you don’t know what Plantar Fasciitis means, huh? Well.. I don’t too. LOL

Let There Be Light!

3rd Dec 2008

My little “piece of art”. Hahaha!

Not exactly a piece of art lar, it was merely an unpack-hang-light job. But hey, that was quite a lot of work to me! LOL

Oh how I love knowing that I have little stars outside, at my balcony! Even when I’m trying to catch my sleep at night, I can’t help but looking at the “stars” through my door curtain.

Ahhh… I can’t wait for Christmas. *Ü*


Friendly Reminder: It’s close to end of 2008. Have you renewed your auto insurance yet?