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Life’s meaningless without your loved ones.

An Early Morning SMS

27th Nov 2006

Update: That “person” passed the drivetest!
Congratulations!! :dance:

As early as 6:24AM, my cellphone beeped.
Incoming text message!!

(Who on Earth is sending me msg at this hour??!!)

Then I saw it:

Well… good luck to “you”.
I really wish you all the best of luck.

Careful driving, hor.
Make sure you remember to do that “act” of adjusting the side mirrors, test the wiper, adjust your seat.. etc.

And if you made it today, you owe me Svansen!

She Aint Heavy, She’s My Sister

9th Sep 2006

Yesterday, I went over to my sister’s apartment.. where she shares with 9 other girls! :eek:

Gave her the stuff mom bought her, and then I handed her some cash, the bunny I bought her, a mini notebook (laptop) and a 1GB Handy Drive. I asked how she’s doing, how she’s coping with her “new” life, college.. she said everything’s ok.

I bitched about her staying in a small apartment with 9 other girls, and suggested her to rent a room instead. More privacy. More room. Bigger cupboard space! She just gave me a smile, anyway. Sigh.
When it’s time to go, I gave her a hug and drove off.

As I leave her waving behind, I sobbed and cried my heart out. I don’t know why! I guess all these while, I haven’t been the best sister to her (we were never close, anyway..) and I felt sorry, sad seeing her being apart from my parents. She reminded me so much of my college years. Being away from parents, living alone.. being ALONE. But I’m sure she’ll cope with it soon. She seemed happy when I met her.

Oh.. we’re going out tomorrow tho.
I’m taking her shopping for new clothes! *hee hee* :kiss:

Hoppy Day

21st Aug 2006

Went to Wisma Merdeka, bought a few clothes AGAIN ;) and a pair of matching bunnies.

One for me.. and one for my lil sis.

Aren’t they cute???? :D

There Comes A Time

15th Aug 2006

My lil sis finally left home for her college in another city.

It hurts me to think of how lonely my parents would feel, now that they only have each other at home. All of their kids have grown up and moved to another place.

I guess that’s how life are..
But it still hurts.. a lot.. just to think of it. :(

Protected: A Year Ago..

6th Aug 2006

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