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Life’s meaningless without your loved ones.

The sampalau dog

26th Jun 2012

Mom and dad arrived from kampung late in the afternoon today and brought along some food like bananas, corn, sweet potatoes, fruits (that I don’t know what they’re called) etc. Some are home-grown, some given by the cousins. As a kampung girl at heart, I LOVE these stuff!

I guess our anjing bandar loves it too. Just look at how he ‘helped’ himself, stealing the food from the kitchen!

I guess my boy (who’s growing up real fast and becoming more and more ‘ganas’ when it comes to playing fetch – that I am seriously considering to get a sparx motorcycle Helmets for safety *lol*) – IS a kampung boy at heart as well. *hee*

Happy Father’s Day!

17th Jun 2012

Daddy’s here for the weekend and I made him a cake – a quick, home-made pink cake. *hee*

I’m sure you noticed those little flags on the cake. Aren’t they so cute? :-D

Well, you can have them on your cake too: because I’ve made a printable toothpick flags of the same flag you see on the cake!! (I’m such a nice person, am I not? He he he) I’ve also included an empty flag that you can insert your dad’s name on.

Click here to get the mini flags

Now print away and go make your dad a beautiful Father’s Day cake.

PS: I made pink cake for my dad because I didn’t like the idea of having a blue cake. Ha ha

So I changed my theme..

14th Jun 2012

And I’m pretty proud of it, even tho I had to stay up all night setting it up. Yes, yes, I know.. it’s pretty messy here and there and some of the codes aren’t working, yet. But at least I’m no longer using the old theme. Oh yeahhhhh!!!!!

And for the record, I still have lots of pending designs in my hand. There’s this blog design for another blogger friend to do.. and then there’s this business card for a client that I have to work on. And oh, there’s also this advertisement I HAVE to work on pretty soon or someone will get really pissed at me. >___< ... Well I better get to sleep and wake up early tomorrow to continue with my pending work. And before I go, here's a photo of my baby boy with that poor selipar Jepun of his papa. Ha ha ha!

(By the way, he has LOTS of toys at home but he STILL prefers to bite our shoes, slippers and my bra! OMG)

…and the wedding was a success!

22nd May 2012

I was home at my parents’ place for the weekend for a cousin’s wedding. Since he’s half Rungus, it was decided that he should have a Rungus-style wedding – and boy, it was awesome!

This is how his pelamin Rungus looked like:

The Rungus motif at the backdrop was done by *ahem*, me of course. *flutters eyelash* The rest of the pelamin was done by the rest of the family and relatives. It was hard work, but everyone enjoyed it!

I also get to use my long-abandoned freelance makeup artist service on that day. I worked my magic on FIVE women (SIX, if you include me) and I wasn’t tired at all! I still get to shake my booty after a few sips of tapai siopon. Bahhahahahha!

See if you can spot me :-P

For your info, I had a pretty top on during the wedding, but my brother made me change into the T-Shirt we’re selling. “Promotion bah..” he said. Oh well. Fine with me. And that wet spot on my shirt? It was the tapai! Aieeeeee.. I was made to drink and so I drank half-heartedly. But it was fun! Would do it again in a heartbeat.. LOL

I like to move it, move it

19th Dec 2011

So we’re officially a Sabahan now, which feels surprisingly awesome. :-P Especially since the towns are smaller and the roads could not get any busier than the one we previously had to endure day in, day out. Also I think the water over here are softer and does good things to my hair.

So far, we LOVE our new life here. Or rather, the fiance is enjoying his new life over here. And what’s more… we got ourselves a new puppy! \(^_^)/

A very, very naughty and playful puppy, but all is good. Currently, we’re reading manuals on How To Train Your Dragon Puppy. You’d be surprised at how many info you can gather through online alone!

Well, life is gonna be good over here. I’m really sure of it.