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Life’s meaningless without your loved ones.

I’ll be home for Christmas..

22nd Nov 2011

You bet!

Normally, I’d play Christmas music at the beginning of December. This year, I started playing it mid November. I’m feeling so Christmassy, perhaps? *hee* Also, maybe the fact that my fiance just got a very good job offer from this huge company and that we’re moving soon – just made my day. (or month!) And despite the hassles of packing stuff (again), I am glad to know that THIS could be the final packing I’ll make – except when we buy our new home and have to move again lah..

And the thought of being at home for Christmas is just so nice…. Being surrounded by the people that you grow up with, a pet that thought she’s human like us..and a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone! Oh I hope there’ll be weddings coming up! Last year we celebrated the grand wedding of my cousin, Will..and boy, did everyone had so much fun! I should’ve gotten his new wife a sexy wedding lingerie and make her wear it on her hens night! LOL

Oh well, hopefully there’ll be another cousin getting married this Christmas – I sooo cannot wait to eat some wedding cakes! Ha ha ha

When I was young I’d listen to the radio..

3rd Aug 2011

A few… no, many years back, my mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and she named her, Cinderella. (well I don’t know whose idea was it to name the baby ‘Cinderella’. It could be my mother, it could also be my father) Cinderella was born with a mole on her upper right lid and unlike most people with dimples, she was born with a single dimple. Still cute, nonetheless. Ha ha ha :P

To make stories short, her name has been shortened to Cindy but everyone at home called her with another name (that I won’t mention here). Due to privacy reason lah bah.

One Saturday morning, while she was in her bedroom, jumping on the bed with her friends, Lu Ting and Ah Wei, she noticed a figure standing in front of her. She couldn’t tell whether it’s a boy or a girl, but what’s obvious was that the figure, dressed in white with golden linings was smiling at her. And when she noticed that big, beautiful pair of white wings… she jumped out of the bed and ran towards her nina (grandmother). Upon telling what she saw to both her nina and mother, her mother ran into the room and touched the bed where Cinderella saw the figure. It was cold and smelled of sweet scents.

She never saw the figure again.

People said that if you’ve seen an angel, your life will be blessed abundantly. I’d like to believe that. I believe that God has blessed (and is still blessing) me and my family with abundance of grace, peace, love and happiness. Tho there are times when I feel like I am the most unlucky person in the world, He will send someone or something to prove that I’m wrong. :)

It’s my birthday today. My family is not around to celebrate it with me like when I was a child, but I can still feel the love like the first birthday I could remember celebrating. There might not be surprises waiting at the door (like a white cedar chest maybe), but their love is ALWAYS around me, birthday or no birthday.

Happy Birthday, me! ^_______^


28th Nov 2010

3 years ago, we found her on display for sale somewhere in Tawau. As I was meaning to get my mom a dog for companion (since my siblings and I had left the nest) and that little golden brown colored dog looked so attractively cute, I decided to get her.

A female Finnish Spitz only a month old, my dad decided to name her Girly since she looked so girlish sans the need for acne treatments in future (LOL).

Now 3 years later, Girly is like the best thing that ever happened to my family.


Love, C

My aging sister’s birthday!

19th Sep 2010

She’s actually my kid-sister.. I used the word aging just to make her feel older. Hahaha!

It’s her birthday today so here’s a card (since I didn’t have the time to go out and buy a traditional birthday card…):

Sorry lar Dym ar.. it’s a recycled birthday card I made for you 2 years ago. :-P You know how busy I am these days, right? Coming back late at night for 5 consecutive days, overworked, exhausted blablabla.. that I wanted to make use of my weekend with sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep. But in a way, it’s good to recycle, you know? Saves energy. Hijau.

We’ll probably have a small family dinner tomorrow – let’s see what our big brother have in mind. If not, I might buy you a bottle of tan lotion since you walk under the sun everyday to your work place. :-P

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest sister. May God bless you with all the good things in life ALWAYS.

The Kitchen Chat

29th Jan 2010

[1 year ago]

“Love, I don’t like peeling onions. They make my fingers stink and they stay for like ages!”

“Oh, that’s not a big problem, baby,” he said. “I can do that.”

“I’m also not a very good cook.”

“But I am,” he informed me. “In fact, I have a better plan. Why don’t I cook and you prepare the rest, except for the onions part.”


(This is a photo of my parents buying veggies. I just thought it goes with today’s post. lol)

[1 Year later]

He came back from work.

“Is everything ready?”

“Yes, the chicken are cubed. The veggies are ready. Rice is cooking in the pot.”

“..where are the onions?”

SIGH “Didn’t we agree that you’ll be doing that part?” I lamented, shaking my head.

“Those are easy job, you see..”

Our conversation goes the same almost everyday. It’s always the onion and garlic and ginger part. But of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. Only he forgets sometime. Men.

PS: I still love you, Jaya, no matter how forgetful you are! :-P