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I love to eat!

How To Not Wreck A Beautiful Saturday

8th May 2010

The fiancé is out to work today. Brother and his partner is out to see Klang Valley Unduk Ngadau competition. And the poor me is stuck at home with loads of assignments and blog design requests. (not to mention the tons of emails and requests to reply!) In case you’re wondering WHY on earth did I chose to stay at home when everyone’s out having fun (except for my fiancé lah. hahahaha! kesian.. have to work on a Saturday! :-P) is because I HAVE to finish my work before I start working on Monday.

Yep. I got me a job – an office job where I have to wake up early in the morning to get dress and go to office. Since I’ll be working from Monday to Friday (9am-6pm), I don’t think I’ll have much time to work on my assignments and custom design requests – except on weekends.

So here I am. Taking a break to post in my blogs while everyone else is out there enjoying their weekend with shopping, going for facials, getting acne treatments etc! T_______T The only comfort I have is knowing that my fiancé will be taking me out tonight for some working-clothes shopping. YAY!!! As you might have known, I have been working from home these past 3 years, so the clothes I have in my closets weren’t suitable for office use. (a lame excuse to go shopping bah this) So yeah.. I’ll be out shopping tonight and tomorrow. Yippeeeee!!

Oh by the way, I found my card reader. And here’s what my fiancé bought for us last night (to reminisce the childhood memories konon dia bilang):

It’s the kuih Gula Tarik. Only 3 left out of 6 in a pack. I only managed to eat 1 due to the overly-sweet taste. But no matter, this is still one of my childhood favorite food.

Maybe tonight we’ll buy kuih Licak – just for the sake of our childhood memories. Ha ha!

The Pursuit Of Lightness

20th Apr 2010

Someone whom I’ve never met for about a year saw my engagement photos recently and commented me as “cute“. I took it as an insult – not from him, but to myself.

I mean.. cute?? What do you mean cute? Plumpy cute? Fatty cute? Or just plain cute? :-P

Whatever it is, I have made it as my main goal this year to lose that cuteness off my body. I don’t want to be the plump girl in the family photos. I don’t want to buy larger size clothes when I go shopping. Heck, even my fiancé said I’m cute!

That said, I am determined to shed a certain amount of pounds off me this year. Err.. the initial plan was to shed those pounds before Gawai (May 2010) but after seeing the little amount of calories I’m allowed to take PER DAY, I decided to extend the target to August 3rd – which was my birthday. lol. That way, I am allowed to eat slightly more calories per day.

Oh by the way, this is what I had for lunch:

Cindy’s super-duper YUMMYlicious salad!!

(I’m just saying that to make me feel better)

Super cheap, affordable, easy to make salad – and it’s only 163 calories!! (according to

Anyway, I’m only on my 2nd day of “salad for lunch” so there’s no changes on my weight yet.. I wonder if I’ll start mooing instead of talking if I continue doing this for the next 40 days?


By the way, I’m soooooo hungry while posting this! I want fried chicken… T_____T

Mee Maggi: Fast To Cook, Good To Eat

19th Jan 2010

My fiance and I woke up pretty early this morning. I told him I have this gastric pain again. (What I didn’t tell him was that I took jamu yesterday. At least I wasn’t taking adipex diet pill lah…)

He looked at me and said, “I fix breakfast for us both ok, love?”

OK?? Of course it’s awesome! \(^_^)/

Since it’s already 8 in the morning and my fiance’s rushing for work (you know how jam the traffic is in KL), he could only make quick breakfast for us..

Curry Maggi. lol.

This is a very light, unspicy curry Maggi. My fiance had to put very little spice on the noodle because of my gastric (and I don’t take spicy food at all). Simple breakfast or not, it’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, the noodle tasted really good with all the additional meat and veges.

Good Things Come Together

27th Aug 2009

Time check: 6:11PM

It’s close to dinner time. I had a mini-minor-tiny-oh argument with someone earlier, but, I’m ready to put that aside because I’m starving and food is all I could think of right now! One name came to mind…

So I text him:

“Love, can we KFC tonight?”

“Sure. I want KFC too”

It’s a deal! ^_^

Time check: 6:16PM

Still have time to do the laundry and take my shower before he comes back! Boy, do I wish we have a walk in tubs right now. I just feel like pampering myself after feeling so miserable the whole afternoon from the argument. But the thought of KFC makes it all better.

Good things do come together with KFC! lol

PS: This is NOT a paid advertorial from KFC – altho I wish I’d get FREE KFC FOR A YEAR for this post! ha ha ha

There’s A Hole In My Pocket

24th Aug 2009

My biggest struggle with waking up on a Sunday morning to attend church mass is the actual waking part. Nine out of 10 times, I’d opt to sleep in and ignore the alarm – BOTH alarms – the clock and him. It drives me crazy sometimes because I wanted to sleep longer, yet, the annoying sound of the alarm and him making me get out of bed would constantly ring on my ears.

I missed the mass yesterday. Not on purpose, of course. Neither of us were awaken by the sound of the alarm this time. I blame the midnight movie marathon we had on Saturday.

Anyway, waking up at noon makes me hungry. It made us BOTH hungry. I suggested lunch at a local food court near Jusco (because it’s cheap) and because I wanted so badly to shop for some cheap hand towels.

We end up spending RM60+ at Nandos:

Over RM250+ on shorts

And RM7.50 on cheap hand towel…

How to save money like this??? :-(

*A loving message for my darling Bunny. :-P