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I love to eat!

I Dare! I Dare!

27th Jul 2009

Have you seen Burger King’s latest ad?

Oh myyyyyyy.. I so want to eat that! At this rate (I haven’t had breakfast one…) I dare to eat that Gutsy! No problem on Defiant as well.. and probably need some help for Fearless. lol. Main point is, I want Burger King right now!

Why la of all my favorite fast food, Burger King is the one company that doesn’t offer delivery service?! Worse, we don’t have any Burger King outlet around my area. The nearest would be at Wangsa Maju.. and I don’t even know how to get there!


Any kind soul out there wanna deliver one to my place? I might give you a fake heart jewelry as gift – coz that’s about the only thing I could afford right now. Ha ha ha!

So Tired

11th May 2009

Hmmm.. seems like the rain would never come for us here in KL. At least not in the near future… I’m so sick and tired of the heat. So tired everything that’s happening around me lately… If my brother wants to go back, I want to do the same thing too! :-(

Well for what it’s worth, not everything is bad over here in KL. Like yesterday, Bunny took me to a Thai food fest where we bought quite a few foods that eventually went to waste (because we couldn’t finish them all!). But amongst all the food we had, I regretted not buying this fried prawns:

Now that I look at the picture, them fried prawns actually looked really good! *drools*

Good thing Bunny said “No” when I wanted to buy them. Bet no diet pills or diet pill reviews research could help me in losing those extra pounds I’ll gain from eating too much of them and the other Thai foods yesterday. LOL

Makan McChicken

8th May 2009

Gawd, it’s so freakin hot outside. I just did my laundry (and in particular, a lingerie of mine) hanged it outside and 5 minutes later, it’s freakin DRIED!! Can you imagine how hawt hot that is???? And because it’s too hot lah I don’t feel like going out to buy me lunch. Smartie me called McDonald’s and happily ordered a McChicken.

Can imagine how simple is that? Call, order, sit back and McChicken comes to you. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I think I’m loving this kind of lunch lah.. Probably gonna do it often..but cannot lah. Not even the best diet pills could help if I do this all the time. Besides, I have 21 more days before I’m going off to “Meet The Parents”. I need to be in the best of shape, if possible. LOL!

Name The Kuih

18th Apr 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing…

err…. I think it’s called Kuih Koci. :-P

I first tried these yummies when I was back in KK a few years back and loving it since. Over here in KL, I hardly see these around. Maybe it’s just me, but these kuih is hard to find — until Bunny took me to this pasar malam in Pandan Indah where I saw these babies! Ooooo my heart jumped in joy like a teenager falling in love once again! I’ve never looked back since. I’ve been going back to that pasar malam every Friday since then. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I’d love to learn how to make this kuih, I know it’s made with lots of santan (coconut milk) – which means I’m gonna need help from the best weight loss pill soonish – but without knowing THE NAME of this kuih, it’s impossible for me to find the recipe on the Internet! LOL

Ideas, anyone???

Lunch Of The Champ

24th Mar 2009

When you don’t have your mommy around to cook you the perfect meal.. or a proper kitchen and stuffs in the fridge to fix yourself lunch .. and stomachache from eating too much spicy food for breakfast, then you should consider getting these:


I don’t know what it’s called. Fried banana balls? Jemput-jemput pisang? Whatever it is, I know it’s made of mashed banana mixed with sugar and flour, fried to perfection with sinfully lots of oil! Weee.. not a very healthy food, but yeah, I really don’t know what to have for lunch, hence I end up with these. Not bad actually. It makes a good company while I was reading about the POS system. :-P

UPDATE: OK, OK… it’s called CEKODOK PISANG. Thanks, guys! :-D