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I love to eat!

For The Love Of Persimmon

6th Feb 2009

I’m sure you’ve heard of the word “Persimmon” before. Probably even seen how the actual fruit looked like.

Unlike me, the only time I’ve heard of the word “Persimmon” is when I go air freshener shopping. There’s like a variety of scents sitting on the rack, one of them would be “Persimmon”. And to be honest, I’ve never seen the real Persimmon before! :-P

So when Bunny (I’ll refer my bf as “Bunny” from now onwards. haha!) took me to a fruit seller to buy “Sharon fruit”, I was like Sharon?? What on earth is a Sharon fruit?!

He took a box, paid for it. Upon reaching home, he gave me the box and it read:

“Sharon fruit – The sweetest persimmon, ever!”

For all you sampalau people like me, this is how the Sharon fruit (Persimmon) looked like.

I must say, I was reluctant to eat that fruit when I first saw it. Somehow, it reminded me of eggplants/brinjals.. or tomatoes. But Bunny insisted I take a bite, so bite I did.

WOOT! Woot!

I kinda like the taste! It tasted really sweet, juicy.. something like buah tampoi, only much better. You should try it.. they’re really yummy. In fact, I’m thinking of planting a few Persimmon trees around our house someday. LOL. Well, provided that Persimmons could grow in Asia that is….

PS: Hey, “Persimmon” sounds like “Gene Simmons”.. don’t you think? hahaha

Gimme Something To Believe In

18th Nov 2008

Hey all! :-)

Really sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very ill since Monday and was bedridden most of the time. I think even the sun couldn’t remember how I looked like. I haven’t been able to take solid food and my diet consists of milk, a little bit of tomatoes, grapes, pears and wholemeal bread. Anything other than that wouldn’t stay long inside my tummy…

Anyway, I somehow felt a little better this afternoon and I had this sudden crave for cupcakes. So off I went to The Curve to satisfy myself. Let the pictures speak for a while. (I am too exhausted to stay up and type all this blog entry)

This would be my favorite cupcake. The icing was actually made out of Bailey’s cream.

However, I might not be able to eat these beautiful (and probably the most yummilicious) cupcakes because I am suddenly very ill again. And yes, back to being bedridden once again.

As for the pain I’m experiencing right now?

Let’s just say… I’m as good as dead. If God wants to take my life away right now, I would be happy, as the pain is totally unbearable… :-(

My First Chocolate Cake Baking

28th Oct 2008

Attempted it today and it turned out just fine. :-)

Of course, I had my team of food testers at home which consists of my mom, dad, sister and our 2 pet dogs.

So far:

i. I got the OK nod from dad, which means the cake’s good. Haha!
ii. No response from my sis, but she had a few helpings of this cake in the past 20 minutes. LOL
iii. Mom haven’t tried it yet, she’s quite busy with stuff for tomorrow’s rosary prayer at home.
iv. BonBon (the kampung dog) definitely loves it and wants some more!
v. Girly, our eldest pet, kind of love the cake. She prefers the chocolate toppings more.

The verdict: I think I did a great job on this one. *teehee*

Time to share this cake with the neighbor next door. And oh, if you’d like the recipe of this chocolate cake, you can find it here. (Bake it, steam it, you can do both ways)

Have a blessed day, everyone!

Changed My Theme & Corn Eating

22nd Oct 2008

Hi people! Sorry for the lack of updates. (I know, I’ve been apologizing a lot lately – but I mean it, honestly!) I managed to finish my new layout today. What do you think? It’s a bit more “lively” than the previous one, no? But anyway, I hope you’ll like this new theme. :-)

On another note, I would like to introduce you to our local cake made of corn.

I don’t know if it exist in other regions outside Sabah (or Malaysia), but here in Sabah, the Rungus people call it Bintanok Jagung. This local cake is very easy to make. Just blend the corn with some sugar, wrap it up with it’s petal and steam it.

Taste wise? Whoaaa.. makan satu nak lagi!! (roughly translated as: “eat one, you’ll want another!!”)

OK gotta go. I have plenty of bintanok jagung waiting for me on the table and I am planning to eat a lot! (Not sure if I could gain weight from doing this, but hey, there’s always Phentermine diet pills bah!) xD

Last Day Of September

30th Sep 2008

Hey all! Sorry for not updating my blog lately. I’m down with flu, cough and fever right now! Even my voice are gone – I had to use sign language to communicate… =( That means blog update, blog hops and Tag assignments will be done when I’m feeling much better, ok?

In the meantime, here’s some pic of rambutan I got from an aunt’s house recently. Freshly plucked from the trees. (without her consent. Ha! Ha! Ha!)

Until then, enjoy your day!


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