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I love to eat!

Red Bean+Durian Porridge

15th Sep 2008

* This post is meant to kasi jealous-jealous my brother.

Have you tried red bean + durian porridge before? Not only they smell good, they taste REAL good too!

I’m not much of a durian eater myself (I cannot stand the smell) but when it comes to this, I think I can finish up the whole pot! :þ

PS: Baliklah kau Kay.. kita makan bubur kacang durian. Ada satu pot lagi ni. Hahaha!


Yum Yam Yum (No, It’s Not A Foreign Language)

6th Jun 2008

Seems like everyone’s talking about the recent fuel price hike in Malaysia. Well I’m done talking about it. I might even consider buying a bicycle or walk, depending on the distance.

Even the price of my favorite yam cake increased! What used to be RM45 is now RM47. A RM2 increase. But when the lady, who runs her home-based bakery business, dropped by to send the cake, I gave her a RM50 instead. Extra RM3 for her fuel and effort.. hehe.

It was an extremely yummy yam cake, I must say.
Wanna have a bite? :-)

So I Took A Short Break

29th Apr 2008

Not that many of you would notice, but I took a short break from blogging and blog hop for a few days last week.

Reason being: Wrist pain.

Yep, I suffered wrist pain (a.k.a. ergonomics injury) Gawd it was painful, I couldn’t get to sleep. Did you know that people who spend a lot of time keyboarding (or in my case, mousing experience wrist pain?)

From my personal experience, this would be the second time I suffer from such pain and boy, I can tell you.. you wouldn’t like the feel! (well of course, who likes pain, huh?) But anyway, I managed to tweak my blog a bit, changing the header and such. I got pretty bored with the previous layout which lacked of a girl illo *hee* – it feels weird not having one on my blog. Hope you’ll like the new look! :-)

Also, I ditched the diet today and fed myself with OldTown Kopitiam’s food.

Nasi lemak – the sambal was DELISH! (not too spicy)

The French toast wasn’t that bad too!

Geez, now that I’m posting pictures of food.. I’m hungry once again. ¬¬

Managed to complete a custom blog header last weekend too.

View the larger size at Annie‘s blog. :-)

Gotta stop now before my wrist starts to hurt again. Time for supper! :B

Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice

9th Apr 2008

It feels like ages since I last post picture of food in this blog. Today, I’m gonna do just that.

Unlike the mouth-watering food prepared by Mel or the delicious Baked Cheese Potato by Ratu Syura, mine is a complimentary of the restaurant nearby my house.

This is my dinner folks. Kinda reminds me of Orovo detox pulak..huhuhuhu… :-(

8th Mar 2008

Despite the heavy rain (and election day), I attended a wedding dinner somewhere in Cheras last night. The invitation card stated that dinner will start at 7PM sharp, and I was already seated at my table by then.



7:30PM – There were only 4 of us at the table of 10.
I had chinese tea while waiting..


8:15PM – Still 4 of us. No signs of event starting anytime soon..
Typical Malaysians. (-_-)

I asked for Sprite. Getting bored.

8:35PM: Finally!


Hedgehog! (Kaya pau) and Honeydew + sago tong sui. Yumm!

.. there were 9 type of dishes served, but we were busy chatting (and eating) – so no photos of the rest. Heh.

I’m kinda disappointed tho.. they didn’t serve any wedding cake for us. What’s a wedding without the cake?? :-(