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I love to eat!

1 Month More

25th Nov 2007

to Christmas!!!!


Kayyyyyy.. let’s go Christmas shopping!!!!


By the way, Zaini.. aku makan mangga tadi. Fresh from the fridge. Sejuk-sejuk and sooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!


^_^ But you still hutang me mangga, ok?

Anyway, I’m going to bed now. Will blog more later… I’m really, really tired oledi..

PS: Eating mango is so addictive for me. One after another, there’s just no stopping to it! Kinda like a drug addict lah. If they have drug rehab, they should make a mango rehab for me. So Zaini.. wanna be my mango supplier? Hahahaha!

No mood to blog lah

23rd Nov 2007

I hate that stupid auntie! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her!

I was at the nasi campur restaurant earlier to pack me some lunch. Then I saw a huge plate of fried crabs sitting at the corner, so I approached it to tahpau some. But out of nowhere, this stupid auntie appeared, took the plate and tahpau THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ CRABS! She only left a few pinchers behind.. and the crab shell.


Eii.. I felt like pouring my rice on her head!! I know lah she wanna eat crab, but she doesn’t have to take the whole plate for herself. We want to eat crabs too! If she want to eat crabs so badly, why don’t she just go to a seafood restaurant and order ALL the crabs?! Makan lah sampai muntah-muntah.. I don’t care! Eeeeeeeee… so irritating lah that woman!

I hope she choked on those crabs.


Ah.. nevermind lah. No point getting mad at her. Not like she’s gonna come over and apologize.. I might as well just enjoy myself at home, eating my sago gula Melaka. I made it last night, but I kept it in the fridge to chill. It’s cold as ice now and oh so yummy! :-P

Here, share you a photo of it.


Not really a pretty sight maybe, but tell you the truth: It’s yummy! (teehee)

Oh by the way, anyone a fan of Hannah Montana? Heard there’s a Hannah Montana tour going on? If anyone going, take some photos for me, ok? I’m not really a fan of her, but I saw her on AMA recently. Pretty babe! :-P

Like A Speeding Bullet

14th Nov 2007

Gonna make it a short entry today because I’m having a terrible headache. I didn’t want to leave my post on my cheating neighbor to be at the top for long.. might give my blog a bad karma. hahaha..

So here’s a few photos of my recent trip to IKEA: which was yesterday.

I finally got a new pot to replace the pathetic pot. Yay! Quite cheap too, about RM1.95 (I think). And the rest of the stuff: scented candles, rugs, a mug etc.. those were unnecessary stuff that I couldn’t resist stuffing into the cart.

Postponed my diet for this. Shrimp salad (I LOVE prawns!!) and chicken leg *something* (I forgot the name). Can’t remember how much they cost but it was super yummy! Couldn’t finish the potatoes and carrots tho..

So there you go. My short entry. Very headache lah.. Have to sleep early tonight. :-(

I’ll blog hop tomorrow.

Dear PapaJoneh..

3rd Nov 2007

You’re like a father uncle family to me.. and when I found out that I’ve missed your birthday, I was devastated! I can’t believe that I was so into the Harry Potter book that I’ve totally forgotten about your birthday! I guess I was quite sad on the ending of the Harry Potter sequel. :-(

So here I am, humbly, lowering my head to the floor, seeking for a forgiveness from you, O’ mighty PapaJoneh. As a way of saying “I’m sorry for forgetting your birthday”, I’d like to present you with these yummies (that I bought). Er.. didn’t have time to bake myself bah.

Vanilla cupcakes.
They cost RM4 each tau! No cheap stuff for PapaJoneh. *heehee*

Sagu bergula Melaka.
I’ve added extra gula Melaka too! ^_^

However, since I couldn’t mail them to you, I would gladly eat those for you, OK?

Here’s wishing you all the best for your “new age”. I’m guessing you’re…er.. about the age of 35? Ngam kah? Hehehehe..

Happy belated birthday, PapaJoneh. Many happy return and many more birthdays to come!

PS: I’m making bubur labu again later today. Want some ka? :-P

Me, Myself and I

26th Oct 2007

.. has been confined back in the bedroom these past 2 days. After feeling much better last week, the flu and cough came back again. Seems like the medicine that the cute doctor prescribed wasn’t doing any good for me. So what’s the lesson I’ve learned? Go for an ordinary looking doctor next time. LOL!!!!!

Eii.. seriously.. it’s been a very devastating few days for me. My medicines are running out, and yet here I am, still suffering from this cough and flu. I hate this running nose! I can’t do anything without having to blow my nose every few seconds. Even the cough doesn’t show any sign like it’s going to end soon.. coughing gives me headache too. Macam begegar otak sia. (Matilah macam ni.. maybe it’s time to get a term life insurance in case anything happened to me.. :-P)

Ah, anyway.. here’s a positive note. Just a day before I fell sick again, I happened to be at the new shopping mall in KL: PAVILLION. ^_^ I didn’t get to shop there tho, altho I was contemplated to buy a new pair of shoes – which I cancelled because I couldn’t find the ATM machine! (and no, I don’t shop with my credit card unless I really have to.) However, I did end up with some food..

Err.. missing the “e” on the “Coffee”. Sorry lar… I’m too short.

Look at the queue.. crazy!!!

All for the love of these..

Don’t you just love the look of these donuts?

And oh the funny part was, I didn’t know these donuts had fillings in them. I grabbed the chocolate one and took a bite. To my surprise, the fillings dripped out and went all over my mouth, hand and leg!! Hahahaha! Thank goodness I was at home, else people would be laughing at me, wondering why I am so kampungan. -_-”

OK lar, that’s about it for today. I might post something again later. Some paid posting maybe. As of now, I need to excuse myself to blow my nose again. :-(