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I love to eat!

Breakfast Of The Champs

11th Jul 2007

Maggi Ayam (chicken)!!!!

Actually.. it’s more like a supper because I had this at 3:00 AM last night. :B

Thank goodness for instant noodles. The singles’ life savior they are!

This Is MADNESS, I Tell You

9th Jun 2007

If you happen to visit Chillis, make sure you order the MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE. (I’m using CAPS because I want you to remember :P)

This is how a Molten Cake looks like:

Topped with chocolate covered icecream, the chocolate cake is one cake you’d kill for. Super yummy. Seriously!

And if you “stab” through the cake, it will actually “bleed” out flowing CHOCOLATE, just like the volcano lavas! OMG, you really should try it!


OK, I’ll stop now. I’m drooling myself already. -_-

PS: This cake is gonna cost you RM19 tho..


8th Jun 2007

It’s past midnight and I am posting my dinner photos for you.



Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t worry.
I normally eat healthier food. :B