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The creative side of me :P

new year, new goal

7th Jan 2016

Did my first painting of the year.


i promised myself that this year, i will practice more on my paintings and calligraphy. *Ü*

Happy New Year everyone!

little red riding hood

7th Dec 2014

It’s been a while since I last picked up a brush and paint. Somehow tonight, I found myself picking up the brushes again..


The painting’s really BAD, I know! It lacks of everything – tone, the correct shades, the right colors…. But that’s how we learn. We learn from experience and we get better from it. I am taking baby steps toward improving my painting skill.

The book of Sirach says, “Put Wisdom chains round your feet and her yoke around your neck. Carry her on your shoulder and don’t be resentful for her bonds. Follow Wisdom, and keep her ways with all your heart. Go looking for her, and she will reveal herself to you.”

Keep searching for Wisdom (or in my case, keep practicing)..and in time, she will come to you!