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The creative side of me :P

Playing With Photoshop

19th Jan 2007

..and I drew this:

I’m naming this “art”.. “Lonely”.
(well, apparently she’s alone in this drawing. LoL)

The Internet is still very slow – I know, you’re sick of reading my complain on that. :P
OK lah, I’ll stop talking about our country’s very bad internet service provider.. but I still want to complain how frustrating it is not to be able to play World of Warcraft after buying the expansion set. *sigh* 3 weeks……

Maybe I should bake a cake.
Hmm.. I’m thinking of making tiramisu.
Eh, that’s not cake? Whatever lah, as long as it’s dessert.

Oh did you know that if u dip Mars bar into batter you can make some nice fried Mars bar?
It’s yummy too! :dance: Try it if you dare. *teehee*

I Want A Better Net Connection

6th Jan 2007

It’s been 2 weeks and the Internet are still bloody slow.

2 weeks no World of Warcraft. -.-

I wonder what takes the Streamyx people ages to get it fixed. Singapore got it fixed in a day (heard they diverted their line to somewhere else) so why can’t we? A call to the Streamyx and I got info such as “..the Taiwanese wouldn’t let us use their servers..”.


I wish Malaysians have other choice for broadband service.. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I did a digital scrapbook today and made this:

My brother and my sis in-law.

If you got nothing to do, go ahead and do some digital scrapbooking too. You can get them at Peppermint Creative. At least you have better things to do than staring at your monitor wishing for a faster Net connection. :P

Oh wait, you need a good Net connection to download those stuff. Haha!