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The creative side of me :P

there goes another week!

25th Jan 2014

The mini clock on my desk shows 12:15am – it’s a saturday. yay for the weekend! tho i work from home (as most of you would’ve known) – weekends are what i’m so looking forward to. not because i don’t work on weekends (like most of you lucky people!), but simply because weekend is the time/day when i get to take a short ‘day off’ to get my raw supplies and sometimes.. (well, MOST of the times) go on a hunt for new stuff, new place to shop and new ideas!

yes, that’s how i spend my weekend.

and speaking of weekend, i just completed 3 projects this week. yay! completed some sticker designs for a home-based bakery store. also completed a wedding print goods AND a baby’s fullmoon print goods. i must say, i’m proud of myself! ha ha. if projects like this keeps coming my way (and i have the good Lord to thank for), pretty soon i’d be able to buy myself a brand new pink car! :P

anyway. here’s one of my favorite project of the week:



can you guess what it is?

if you guessed ‘cake topper’.. then you’re correct! ;)

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{} retirement party

27th Nov 2013

Seems like everyone’s hosting a party towards the end of the year. Birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, family gatherings, retirement party… so many parties everywhere! Good thing that I’m running a small business (design business) from home that a lot of the company or person who hosts these parties have asked me to design their paper partyware.

One such as this:


Those are food tags I made for a recent retirement party of a JKR staff in Sembulan. What do you think? He he he. The old car and road suits the theme for JKR, right? Also since the person retiring has been serving JKR for over 35 years, I think it’s best to give the design a vintage feel.