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The creative side of me :P

Sneak Peek

17th Jun 2013

Working on a personalized (or some prefer calling it ‘customized’) wedding map.


If you’re interested in getting one for your wedding card, please do ask me! Jangan malu-malu ar.. :P

OK, getting off the Net to watch “Nenek Gayung”. A cousin has been telling me about this movie. In her words: “bikin takut tapi lucu juga”.

Well, we’ll see.

Where’s my bantal busuk and keropok Tam-Tam???

Mother’s Day Chocolate Wrapper

6th May 2013

Did some chocolate wrapper personalization for Maybank recently. These are some of the wrappers I made:




And oh, I also got this Whatsapp message from their rep regarding the chocolate wrapper:

“Hello… It was great working with you & looking forward for more collaboration. Indeed, your creativity made a lot of people happy….including us in the office! Like kids jumpa candies ba tengok your wrappers tu..”


Well, what can I say except for.. THANK YOU Maybank, for the trust. And most importantly, THANK YOU Lord, God the Father.. for the opportunity and creativity. :)

I’ve got peace like a river..

30th Apr 2013

This month has not been a very good month for me. First, there was the car problem where we had to fork out like RM700 for the repairs. And then there was the all-so-familiar gastric pain and food indigestion problem that I used to have. Always had, apparently. I thought they went away after I..humm… I can’t recall what I did to stop them? But the thing is, I *did* something or *took* something that made them stop. For like a month. And then they came back last weekend..

1 week of hell! Despite trying a lot of medicine, the belching and bloating (not forgetting terrible stomach pain) never stop! I’ve been losing sleep and appetite over this. Just days ago, out of frustration, I punched my stomach and cursing it. I am SO SICK of this pain! In fact, I’ve lost weight over this. I know that I’ve been trying to lose weight all these while, but THIS…. this is definitely not the way to lose it. :( If I have all the money in the world, I’d go for a stomach transplant and replace ALL those stuff in my stomach. From throat down to the intestines! (is that even possible??)

But anyway, like I’ve always said… God is good. The pain finally subdued today.. and through His blessings, I just got a few more small projects – design projects from both local and International! Praise Lord!! I might be able to save some $$ in case I might need it again for my pain. :)

Oh by the way, here’s one of the design I’m working on. Will tell you what it is for soon. Don’t wanna break the surprise for my paying customer. *hee*


Time check: 1:19AM.

Gotta hit the sack or risk waking up late again tomorrow. I have a loooooot of work to do and deadline to catch. So, here’s wishing you a wonderful night (or day). God bless!