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The creative side of me :P

Hurray for Life

8th Apr 2013

Things are turning out pretty well for me these days. We have more rainy days than scorching hot sunny days lately. Even my pink flowers (I have yet found it’s name!) are blooming pretty fuschia-colored flowers these days. Business are also booming. We get a few new jobs too! And it hasn’t been a year since I launched The Pink Powder Puff.. and already I’m planning for an anniversary celebration. Maybe going for that perdomo champagne 10th anniversary thingy – tho mine would be 1st anniversary. lol

Ahhhh… need to start planning for things, if I have the time that is. :P

And speaking of celebrating, here’s a recent work I did for a client who runs a home-based bakery.


Now off I go for another work assignment..

{} Chocolate Wrapper

6th Mar 2013

Oh dear, I am so behind when it comes to posting in my blog. In fact, (if you noticed).. the posts I made lately has been about my design works only. This blog is becoming like an ‘unofficial’ blog for my Facebook Page – The Pink Powder Puff – Ha ha!

That said, I am gonna post over here, again, another of my recent design work. This time, a design for Personalized Chocolate Wrapper for a boy who’s celebrating his 1st birthday tomorrow. ^_^


That was 50 pcs of chocolates! Bukan senang when you do it yourself – the wrappers are practically handmade. I had to do the design myself, get them printed and cut the papers on my own. Let’s not talk about glue as well.. whoa, lots of work, I tell you. It was worth the time. I enjoy doing it. You know they say, “love your job and you will enjoy doing it”. In my case, I love designing so I love my job! The income might not be as big as I used to earn, working as a Graphic Designer back in Kuala Lumpur, but there are times when I get durian runtuh and I could earn more than what I used to earn! Maybe can even donate a few seats for my church (can get it online at in future too!

But no matter how much I make or don’t make, I will always be indebted to the Father, for it is He that has been providing me with abundance and blessings all these while. Amen to that.

{} school poster

21st Feb 2013

Like I said in my Facebook Page yesterday, I am soooo excited and honored to have been given the chance to design a Presentation Poster for a teacher who used it at the ELTDP Teacher as Researcher Symposium which was held at Hilton Hotel Kuching since Monday.


So proud to have been part of it and have my work displayed for the participants to see – in Kuching! *hee*

Oh did I mentioned that another artwork of mine will be displayed for the public to see pretty soon?? Lemme give you a hint: It’s a poster for one of the famous Hotel in Sabah! *teehee* I’m so happy I could go out now and buy me some Pandora beads! ;-)